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Drunk man two people quarrel with her daughter Ouqi River dead or alive morning news (correspondent     Zhong min; de     reporter; Lu Bin) yesterday afternoon, Ms. Yao Wanzhi sat in the Nanjing Qixia Changhang public security police station, the people in a trance, a reality version of Xiang Linsao, who see only one sentence: "the girl is tall, for a moment, her home for dinner, you see oh." Ten days ago because of her husband and daughter Yao Wanzhi for a drink which kicked, both fall river missing, Yao Wanzhi after every day in tears. February 7th, new year’s Eve, every household is busy cooking rice, celebrate reunion, looking forward to the next round full. Run the ship freight boat busy throughout the year three Yao Wanzhi family also have worries pregnant, their Henan Ji Yuxin goods × × "ship loaded with chemical fertilizer at Longtan dock, it is only the new year in Nanjing, can not go home. Captain Yan sneak, noon on their own ship Zizhenziyin, he usually only half a catty liquor wine, and at noon that day, because it is new year’s Eve, Yan drank a whole bottle of wine. Has 18 year old daughter Xiao Yan, pretty, on weekdays, if not more, is the mother of Yao Wanzhi’s baby and proud of her daughter often going on mind, why do not know the new year’s day, the head of the father disagreeable conversation had a heated argument with wine. Old Yan Yan, from inside the boat overboard from noisy, noisy bow to stern, the daughter of a sentence "I dance for you." it was cruel to sulk, father answered, "see you dance", Carter’s daughter from the stern has crashed into the river, the old Yan looked sober. But it was too late, he also instantaneous time toward the river’s daughter, in the muddy river and find an embrace. Adjacent to the other boat to see this scene shouted for help, seeing the Yan family daughter of two with wave drifting away, and in Yao Wanzhi’s wailing in the swallow…… At about 15:30, a boat to the police for help, a short period of time, Nanjing maritime bureau, Qixia maritime search and rescue center issued a directive, the Longtan maritime patrol boats arrived at the waters of Qixia, along the Yangtze River, Yizheng Changhang public security police station three police patrol arrived in waters near the rescue operations carried out in the howling wind. Several ships downstream of the incident waters have moved away, and we expect the Yan family father and daughter to miraculously emerge. It’s getting dark, and the sound of firecrackers is coming from afar. The scene of the maritime affairs and public security staff and some people continue to voluntarily participate in the search, the waterfront and the bottom, all without success, everyone is eager to face expression, but the heart bottom: the terrible tragedy has happened. Because even experienced sailors or sailors, even in the summer, even in the calm river, ten minutes without hope of the water, there is no hope, it is impossible to live. At present, the police are still in search and rescue. Editor in chief: Yang Yang, SN185, Yu Yue 醉酒男子与女儿吵架 两人怄气跳江生死未卜   晨报讯(通讯员 忠民 德发 记者 卢斌)昨天中午,姚万芝女士坐在长航公安南京栖霞派出所里,精神恍惚,整个人成了现实版的祥林嫂,见谁都只一句:“女儿漂亮,个子高,一会她来家吃饭了,你们看看哦。”   因 十天前姚万芝丈夫和女儿为喝酒怄气大吵,双双坠江失踪,致姚万芝之后的每一天都以泪洗面。2月7日,除夕,家家户户正忙着烹制年夜饭庆贺团圆,期待来年圆 圆满满。常年跑船忙货运的船民姚万芝一家三口有喜也有忧,自家的河南籍“豫信货××”船满载化肥停靠在龙潭码头,看来是只有在南京过年了,不能回老家。船 主闫某忙里偷闲,中午起就在自家船上自斟自饮,他平时只有半斤白酒的酒量,而这天中午,因为是除夕,闫某喝了整整一瓶酒。   已经18 岁的大女儿小闫,长得漂亮,平日里话也不多,是母亲姚万芝的宝贝和骄傲,母女经常唠唠心事,除夕这天不知怎么搞的,与酒喝过了头的父亲话不投机,发生了激 烈争执。老闫、小闫从船内吵到船外,从船头吵到船尾,女儿一句“我跳给你看”怄气话,被父亲狠心地回了一句“看你跳不跳”,话音刚落女儿从船尾一跃坠入江 中,老闫一看酒醒了,但为时已晚,他也瞬时间扑向江中的女儿,在浑浊的江里摸索并一把抱住。相邻的其他船民见此情景大声呼救,眼见闫家父女二人随浪渐渐漂 远、一起一伏,在姚万芝的号啕声中被江流吞没……   当日15时30分左右,有船民报警求助,短时间内,南京海事局搜救中心发出指令, 栖霞海事、龙潭海事巡逻艇到达事发水域,长航公安栖霞、沿江、仪征三个派出所公安巡逻艇到达附近水域,救援行动在瑟瑟江风中展开。事发水域下游的几艘船只 相继挪开,大家期望闫家父女能奇迹般地浮出水面。天色渐晚,远处的鞭炮声传来。现场的海事、公安工作人员和一些自发参与的船民不断搜索江面、水岸、船底, 均无功而返,每个人都是一脸急切的表情,但心中有底:可怕的悲剧已经发生了。因为即使是有经验的水手或船员,即使是在夏季,即使是在风平浪静的江里,十分 钟人不出水面就没希望、没可能活着。   目前,警方还在搜救中。 责任编辑:于越杨 SN185相关的主题文章: