Department of state can do online matters may not be required to attend the scene helmet怎么读

The State Council: do not require online matters must be present for recently, the State Council issued the "on accelerating the" Internet plus government service "work guidance", the requirements before the end of 2017, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people’s government, the relevant departments of the State Council to build a integrated online government service platform, full disclosure of government services matters. "Opinions" requirements, standardize the online service matters, making government services matters directory, before the end of 2017 through the government portal website focused on public release, and gradually achieve the "same matter, the same standard, the same encoding". To shorten the processing time, reduce the cost of business and service people, the "opinions" of the three "who", "who can share the reuse materials through the network, the enterprises and the people shall not be required to submit duplicate; all through the network verification information, shall not be required to provide other single repeat; who can realize the online handle matters, must not require to handle the scene." At the same time, matters involving multiple departments, to implement an accepted, online operation, parallel processing, limited period. "Opinions" will speed up the government information resource sharing mutual recognition, to promote cross regional management, remote services for cross level and cross sector collaboration for linkage. At the same time, will also carry out the analysis of the service data, grasp and predict the service needs of the public, to provide intelligent and personalized service, such as the people to apply for unemployment benefits, employment will recommend some information to him." Relevant responsible person said. In order not to let the masses back and forth errands, "opinions" also proposed to promote the integration of the development of the real government hall and online service platform. And to promote the service matters online management. Specific Internet matters, including a number of content, that is, to implement online acceptance, online processing, online feedback, so government affairs should be done on the whole online". Aspects of the enterprise, including business registration, annual report, change cancellation, project investment, production and operation, trademark patents, qualification, tax management, safety and other related services. Residents include service matters related to their health, education, social security, household household employment, housing security etc.. Huang Huang, associate professor of Peking University School of government believes that the paper provided by the network service and some matters, that there is little face, list the problem is to focus on the implementation, because it is the most important and most frequently, for most problems to be solved. Huang Huang said, from the division to focus on services, the establishment of the business lobby, the government has been pushing to solve the problem of "different masses errands, present development situation, the State Council document issued after, believe a lot of local binding, hope can effectively solve this problem, promote the integration of the development of the real government hall and online service platform." Original title: State Department: can do online matters may not be required to attend the scene相关的主题文章: