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Comments received: stock index edged down 0.26% in the fourth quarter of the fund fell back on the 3100 focus reform and transformation of hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Sina Financial News October 28th, stock index volatility down, closing stock index reported 3104.27 points, or 0.26%; entrepreneurship blackboard 2165.43 points, or 0.78%. The grading fund, 304 floor grading fund, 102 up, 159 down. On the list, the new A-class and 500A were 5.55%, respectively, the increase in the top two, ranking on the list, high-speed rail B, steel B decline in the top. Super 80% fund companies in the three quarter was positive earnings preference for financial and infrastructure today, the fund’s quarterly disclosure is completed in three. In the three quarter of this year, the trend of A shares upward trend, the market trend to pick up, over the fund’s profits in the 80% quarter of the company to obtain positive earnings in the three quarter. In the three quarterly report, raised funds for financial stocks have a special liking. Bank of China was held by 48 public fund, ICBC is 62, the industrial bank is only 138, Minsheng Bank is only 108. Such examples be too numerous to enumerate. In addition to financial stocks, infrastructure, state-owned enterprise reform and other segments of the sector or the concept of the sector has also been raised funds favored. More than the concept of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai stock in the three quarter by the fund holdings. Hong Kong Group to become the largest number of holdings of shares of the fund shares. The three quarter huitianfu, the reform of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai ETF holdings of 221 million 760 thousand and 900 shares on the Hong Kong Group shares accounted for 0.97% of the proportion of tradable shares; Shanghai Construction Fund ranked fourth, sharply in the three quarter holdings of 130 million 973 thousand and 200 shares; Shanghai electric ranked fifth, substantial fund holdings of 125 million 338 thousand and 600 shares. Two construction heavyweight, China Construction and China electric power construction has also been favored by public funds. Up to now, the disclosure of information, as of the end of the three quarter, the total holdings of the fund in the construction of China’s total of 248 million 500 thousand and 800 shares, compared with the end of the two quarter holdings of 110 million 512 thousand and 800 shares. 15 fund holds 72 million 533 thousand and 600 shares of China electric power construction, the chain holdings of more than 59 million 322 thousand and 900 shares. Focus on the reform and transformation of the fourth quarter for the next investment opportunities, a number of fund managers believe that, in the absence of a trend in the market situation, the opportunity is mainly in the transformation and growth of reform. BAOYING strategy growth fund manager Peng Gan believes that the real economy slowdown trend is still grim, but the entrepreneurial policy environment support, and through the reform of the capital market to support the development of emerging enterprises, reflecting the state of the transformation and upgrading of economic structure determination, "need patience to look for new opportunities and new direction of government functions after the industrial transformation the." Bo SOE reform theme fund manager Lin Jingyi said that in the investment strategy, will focus on mergers and acquisitions, governance optimization, performance improvement and asset revaluation four main investment theory.相关的主题文章: