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I come to the market and a perfect encounter – Sohu tourism in Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea, the volcano island, is the Meeru Island. And we also have a visa free policy, more and more people also use the weekend time to fly to Jeju a fake. If you come to Jeju Island and I have to come to the market a perfect encounter. Here is the largest market in Seogwipo, the natural market is the formation of the traditional market in the early 1960s, even to the market environment and the general hubbub of the market is not the same, where planning is clear. Clean and tidy, this is also the local people often visit the market. The minister gave us a ticket. This coupon is used in the traditional market of Korea can be used directly as cash. Jeju Island is located in the Central Sea Island, can provide enough water for the plants on the island, planting fruit is very sweet, but Jeju Island is a mountainous area, is more suitable for the growth of the orange trees. The oranges in Jeju Island are sweet and juicy, so they can be seen everywhere in the market. A reference to Jeju Island you must know there are more than and 3: the wind, stone and more women. Stone grandpa’s image has become the representative of Jeju Island. Volcanic rock grandpa everywhere in the streets of Jeju Island. I come to the market, there will be a lot of natural stone grandpa food, drinks, hand letter, etc.. Black Pork Pie Jeju Island black pork is well-known in the world, with the characteristics of black market to sell pork pie, but Patty must try, roasted pork! South Korea, every household will produce their own pickled cabbage, each one will have its own unique recipe, the local people do not have pickled cabbage is to eat, so every meal we eat here will have a variety of pickled cabbage. The market will see many vendors selling pickled cabbage, these things can be back home, hawkers are packed in a jar. Spicy fried rice cake and dumplings and Rice Sausage are characteristics of the Korean traditional snacks, can be found in the market. Traditional market is also a good place to eat traditional food. I come to the market environment and the bustle of the market is not the same, there are green ornamental plants, water gurgling and comfortable wooden benches, can sit on the chair to rest, into the natural elements makes the market more special more flavor. Way of arrival: take bus No. 600 at Jeju International Airport, go to the New South Sightseeing Hotel and get off for 10 minutes. Don’t miss the beer and fried chicken to South Korea must not miss the fried chicken and beer to Portsmouth minister took us to the fried chicken shop location in downtown Jian Road Pedestrian Street, on the two floor of the shop overcrowded. Many of the young people in the evening gathered together to chat and drink a little wine. It tastes really good. Ending……相关的主题文章: