Chongqing Creative Park among the national public record space Chengdu North first (video) acbel

Chongqing Creative Park among the national public record space Chengdu North First [review] recently, National Torch Center announced the third batch of national public record by the record of the space list, created by the Chongqing daily newspaper group to the Chongqing Creative Park super hit off center in Wai, incorporated into the national science and technology business incubator management services system. Creative Park (Chongqing Chongqing national advertising Industrial Park) publicity recently, torch center officially announced the first batch of national level space created by the public record list, Chongqing daily newspaper group to the creative park super hit off center list, become Yubei first won the national "a gilded signboard" public record space. This is the park after the first half of the "national advertising industry park", won the national honor. According to reports, the Chongqing Creative Park, covering many areas of creative advertising, design, technology, self construction and operation since the Chongqing city actively integrate into the national innovation strategy, development of creative industries incubator, continuous improvement and optimization of supporting services, through the good operation, has attracted Chongqing man investment group, its beauty, paper-cut, Bo Ai Museum, Rongchang ceramics, "lazy tree" and other well-known cultural and creative enterprises, showing a good momentum of development. Today, the park one or two, three building has been completed, a park text industrial agglomeration effect is obvious, the ecological industry chain of vibrant, strong momentum of development. By the end of this year, the output value of the park will reach 2 billion yuan, and about 500 enterprises will be introduced next year, and the output value will be about 5 billion yuan. "Super Center" into the "national team", mainly due to the park innovation incubator model and strong policy support." Chongqing Creative Park relevant person in charge, the park set up a special management operations company, designated for the enterprise to provide the most needed management consulting, government services, intellectual property consulting services. In terms of reducing operating costs, innovation launched a credit workshop model, to submit loans for enterprises to apply, the park focused on docking credit institutions, through the overall package lending model, so that the enterprise lending rate fell by more than 20%. In promoting corporate income, the monthly organization of the industry business "blind date", so that park enterprises and industry heavyweights docking business, increase orders for enterprises to enter the park. In addition, the super creative center of Chongqing Creative Park cooperation with the famous innovation industry, such as pig net, Jiang Xiaobai, and so on, to provide various services, such as consulting, expert consultation, entrepreneurial guidance, policy consultation, entrepreneurship training and market analysis. Every Wednesday regularly held a project carding meeting, brainstorming the students project, promoting exchanges between entrepreneurs, has been held more than 20. At the same time invite Ka to share the experience, for the development of enterprises ariadne. It is reported that in June this year, the park successfully introduced the United States excellent investment institutions – Andrew Angel Fund settled, opened the park’s innovative projects, the era of international investment. In September this year, the Yubei District airport cup contest, the super hit 7 innovation project off center counseling recommended hydrogen energy application, talent shows itself, the magnetic energy storage power wheels, for · B & B BDTO platform for multiple winning projects will be on behalf of the park in Chongqing city and the whole country peak.

重庆创意公园跻身国家级众创空间 成渝北区首家 [导读]近日,国家科技部火炬中心公布第三批通过备案的国家级众创空间名单,由重庆日报报业集团倾力打造的重庆创意公园超级创客中心成功入围,纳入国家级科技企业孵化器的管理服务体系。 重庆创意公园(重庆国家广告产业园) 宣传片 近日,科技部火炬中心正式公布了第三批国家级众创空间名单,由重庆日报报业集团倾力打造的重庆创意公园超级创客中心名列榜单,成为渝北区首家荣获国家级“金字招牌”的众创空间。这是该园区继上半年入围“国家广告产业园区”之后,再获国家级殊荣。据介绍,重庆创意公园涵盖创意、广告、设计、高科技等众多领域,自开建运营以来,积极融入国家和重庆市创新战略,深入拓展孵化创意产业,不断提升和优化配套服务,通过良好运营,目前已吸引重庆文投集团、旗美人、剪爱剪纸、泊物馆、荣昌陶艺、“感懒树”等知名文创企业入驻,呈现出良好的发展态势。如今,园区内一、二、三期建设已经完成,园区内文创产业聚集效应明显,生态产业链活力十足,发展势头强劲。预计今年底,园区产值将达到20亿元,明年计划引进约500家企业,将实现产值约50亿元。“此次超级创客中心跻身‘国家队’,主要得益于园区创新孵化模式和大力度的政策扶持。”重庆创意公园相关负责人介绍,园区成立专门的管理运营公司,专人为入驻企业提供最需要的管理咨询、政务服务、知识产权咨询等服务。在降低企业运营成本方面,创新推出了信贷工场模式,采取企业提交贷款申请,园区集中对接信贷机构,通过整体打包贷款模式,让企业贷款利率下降20%以上。在促进企业增收方面,每月组织分行业的业务“相亲会”,让园区企业与行业大佬对接业务,增加入园企业订单。此外,重庆创意公园的超级创客中心与猪八戒网、江小白等知名创新渝业合作,提供创业项目咨询、专家咨询、创业指导、政策咨询、创业培训、市场分析等各类服务。每周三定期举办项目梳理会,对学员项目进行头脑风暴,促进创业者之间的交流,目前已举办了20多期。同时邀请业界大咖到场分享经验,为企业发展指点迷津。据悉,今年6月,园区成功引进美国优秀投资机构——安德鲁天使基金落户,开启了园区的创新项目国际化投资时代。在今年9月的渝北区“临空杯”大赛中,由超级创客中心辅导推荐的7个创新项目脱颖而出,氢能源应用、磁悬浮储能发电车轮、寻·民宿BDTO平台等多个优胜项目将代表园区参加重庆市及全国的巅峰对决,成为全国创新创业大赛储备优秀项目。该负责人表示,重庆创意公园继喜获“国家广告产业园区”荣誉后,再次斩获“国家级众创空间”荣誉,对提升园区的知名度和影响力将是一大利好。未来,入园企业将获得更多优惠政策扶持,目前,相关部门正在草拟具体细则,为创新创业者提供良好的政策环境,力争将重庆创意公园打造成西部乃至全国一流的创新创业基地和文创产业高地,助推重庆文化产业的发展。相关的主题文章: