Chinese people to go abroad to become convenient improve the gold content of the passport service pe jiqingwuyuetian

Chinese people to go abroad to facilitate the improvement of the gold content of the people to improve the policy of good service – the world is so big, I would like to see." Today, more and more Chinese citizens and enterprises to go abroad, business, study abroad, tourism…… Footprints all over the world. Last year, the total number of Chinese mainland residents out of 127 million passengers, up to 1 million 264 thousand and 300 people studying abroad. "Going abroad is becoming more and more convenient!" A sigh behind, China’s overall national strength and enhance the ability of the government to serve the people. Enterprises going out, with the God assists, a card in the hand, say go." Jiangsu, Nantong, chairman of a clothing company with emotion, the benefits of this travel card, who knows who." Just get the APEC business travel card, Mr. Wang received just went to Japan to attend the trade fair invitation, he can immediately start immigration procedures, but also to enjoy the convenience of a dedicated channel. Later, a foreign business partner died, he went to a second day, the other is moved, both sides will deepen cooperation. These years, many foreign businessmen that Mr. Wang held APEC business travel card, that the company has the strength and good reputation, more and more pre signed orders, "now, we give qualified employees for travel card". An application for five years, multiple entry, fast clearance. APEC business travel card scheme is an innovative APEC multilateral mutual visa arrangements, the economies of other economies are issued by the business travel card, the cardholder can multiple entry, each time to stay for 60 to 90 days, and the use of ports of entry and Exit Travel Card dedicated channel. China joined the project in 2002, 2004 issued by the card, to meet the conditions of the state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises can for the enterprise Chinese business travel card membership bid. At present, APEC 21 economies are members, in addition to the United States, Canada and members of the economic transition region, Hongkong China Chinese Taipei, China cardholder card, visa free travel to 16 other Asia Pacific economies, such as Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, etc.. As of October 2016, China travel card volume has reached 42 thousand, the total area of 21% of the total, ranking first in the economy. Citizens going out, less stumbling block want to travel abroad? It’s just a matter of getting a visa. Would like to return to visit relatives? Punish complex visa let students flinch. Once, this kind of trouble exists, now, the situation has gradually changed. The summer of 2014, the The University of Texas at Austin students with Fang Jing returning to the visa, the first to get 5 years for many times visa, she became a Sino US mutual study issued a maximum period of 5 years after the earliest times visa agreement, to enjoy the benefits of China students. Prior to the United States to study visas valid for only 1 years, the annual return must be re apply." Tu Fangjing said that this not only means that she wants to prepare a variety of materials, but also to advance booking embassy, back and forth.相关的主题文章: