Chinese is why only the successful inscription Huashan rock country

Chinese is why only the successful inscription Huashan rock power source: Oriental Morning Post Author: Jiang Cen original title: Chinese rock is big country, but only "Huashan" successful "Guangxi Huashan rock paintings left River cultural landscape was recently included in the" World Heritage List ", combined with the experience of the inscription and China paintings and protection of the status quo, the history of twists and turns so, the" Oriental Morning Post · art review "this period by Professor and director of the rock art research center of Minzu University of China Chinese Zhang Yasha and Australian rock art research scholar Susan · Isabella interviews and field searching, study vision and ideas about the rock art research, and thinking about the significance and prospects of rock art research. Guangxi Huashan rock paintings left River Cultural Landscape panoramic IC recently have two paintings about the news is quite striking, not long ago, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Turkey Istanbul held the fortieth session of the United Nations (World Heritage Conference), Guangxi left River petroglyphs cultural landscape passed into consideration, "World Heritage List", has become China’s forty-ninth world heritage sites, the realization of China’s World Heritage rock class projects breakthrough; two is the Ningxia Helan mountain weather experienced heavy rainfall caused flash floods, causing damage to the rock, but also discovered 7 new rock paintings. With these messages, rock further into the majority of the public. Petroglyphs from ancient Luo Yue hand, from the Warring States to the Eastern Han Dynasty 700 years (fifth Century BC to second Century AD), living in the Zuojiang River Basin in southwestern the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Luo Yue in the steep cliff have drawn these spectacular patterns. So, why the Zuo River in Guangxi Huashan rock paintings successful inscription? Whether it is representative in Chinese paintings? How to study China rock and protection of the status quo? And what kind of standards in the international arena, but also what kind of historical twists and turns? The "Oriental Morning Post · art review" interviewed the director, China Rock Art Research Association of Minzu University of China international rock organization Federation on behalf of Professor Zhang Yasha, China. For many years engaged in the study of rock art and actively participate in the work of the successful inscription, Zhang Yasha very mixed feelings. She said, for a long time the rock was not paid attention to. The inscription success is a very good opportunity, not only to let the world know China rock, more let China know his paintings heritage, so that more and more people pay attention to the rock, perhaps this is more meaningful than the inscription success itself. At present in the global scope, the rock is still facing a severe form of protection. Such as the recent torrential rain in parts of Ningxia Helan mountain caused flash floods cause "part of the precious rock rupture damage, some even directly flash floods washed away, buried in the sand." Zhang Yasha said: "in the field of rock protection work is very difficult, but so far, China has not yet unified inventory of rock property, this investigation file is not in place adds to the difficulty of protection. Some international experts even predict that until the end of twenty-first Century, the global 1/3 to 1/4 paintings or will disappear, thus the cause of any.相关的主题文章: