China FAW precise poverty alleviation as a corporate citizen responsibility segotep

China FAW precise poverty alleviation as a corporate citizen is one of the components of the society, but also a "citizen"". As a corporate citizen of the FAW China always adhere to the "out of the car, the experience, talent, promote human · · social harmony and development" of the enterprise mission, continue to deepen the understanding of social responsibility, actively fulfill their commitment to social responsibility, highlighting the central enterprises social responsibility with practical action. The mission of the enterprise is also affecting the generation of faw. "Xiangyang family often in the spring, a people more than a word" than "to the roses, hand a fragrance is more intense and simple words is the social responsibility of the FAW office staff motto. Engaged in social responsibility for more than eight years every day he can get some satisfaction from helping others, and enjoy the day in and day out, only to see people happy smile on the face! A mind, only to wish their country is crucial for poverty alleviation is a very important task, in eight years, the FAW social responsibility office workers have only one purpose, that is to let everyone feel the poverty alleviation one thing for the whole society to work together are doing, to continue to deliver more positive people energy. Although this is a long process, but they did not forget the beginning of the heart, but with greater enthusiasm to help more people who need help, to become more qualified charitable people". "Accept your help, fly our youth." FAW social responsibility office staff to let him feel the deepest words. This is a student loans issued ceremony, a little girl sitting in the back of his life. On the road to poverty alleviation, such a move often occurs. In this year, the FAW funded Zhenlai County poor students in small Tong successfully admitted to Tsinghua University. In an interview with small Tong told reporters: "she is lucky to get help, FAW, complete the dream. But there are many unfortunate children who have not been helped. So she is determined to be a person who can help others, and then gradually become a capable person to do things for others." And this is exactly what China FAW wants to see. Because doing these things is not to hear the words of Thanksgiving, but more hope is really able to help those who are difficult to solve the current problems, to fulfill their wishes. The improvement is not only the life of the future, but since the beginning of 2002 China FAW Group, has been 14 years, sent a total of six batches of twelve group of cadres, and in education, health, infrastructure and other aspects are provided to help. In the aspect of poverty reduction, since 2010, with the aid of the FAW China national poverty counties jointly launched a long-term plan for the construction of new countryside construction "FAW town", focus its resources on the implementation of Multidimensional Poverty Alleviation project. With the passage of time, in the increasingly changing the poverty-stricken areas, people are no longer just a front yard of the daily vegetables, but in the periphery and vegetables on the windowsill are raising flowers, this is a better life for the future of a dream. See these gratifying results, the FAW social responsibility office staff said: poverty alleviation.相关的主题文章: