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"Chi You Jiu City" feel the mysterious Sanmiao cultural tourism I – Sohu to the mysterious Miao, the mysterious Chi You nine early I had a strong interest in. Fortunately, this time to personally come here is delighted. The weather is just out of the car, they float in the sky drizzle, the nine city is shrouded in clouds, my heart was a lot more doubts Chi You Jiu is covered with a mysterious coat. To truly understand Chi You, Jiu must understand Sanmiao cultural understanding of their history. Chi You is the ancient times nine Li tribe and Miao ancestors, Chinese God of war. "Jiu" is one of the three tribal alliance of Chinese ancient legends, Chi You is the chief of the tribe, Jiu alliance "with a great reputation characters ancient legend, like Huang Di, Yan Di, one of the three human ancestor Chi You is the Chinese nation, when Huang Di Yan Di was united beat Chi You, but also have a" then all the children of the Yellow Emperor ". The legend of Chi You as the first cattle back, wings, cattle totem and bird totem clan leader. "Chi You Jiu" is the earliest ancestors of Miao nationality, in five thousand years of historical changes, but the Miao people, Chi You will also be regarded as the ancestors, the ancestors as Jiu tribe alliance. The result is a group of Chinese ancient legend, also known as "li". The result is actually nine tribes, each consisting of nine clans, led by Chi You, a total of eighty-one brothers, is the chief of Chi You is the big chief. The result is a tribal alliance, in ancient times the national collection, is the first to enter the era of agricultural Chinese ethnic group. The earliest mention of its existing literature is the "national language": "chaos Jiu De, people of God hybridity, not matter". "Wujiang ink painting, no strings of Miao sound." In Pengshui, Chi You built a copycat of the Miao sacred temple – Chi You nine Licheng, used to display and inheritance of Miao culture thick and rich connotation. Chi You Jiu Shao Qing City is located in Pengshui street and Water Street Pavilion with indigo dam section, east across the adjacent hill and Peng Shuilao friction Wai Town, Pengshui city of the south is under construction, to the north of Wujiang and Hunan and Chongqing high-speed line interchange. Covers an area of 10000 acres, 4 kilometers from the county, covers an area of 30 hectares, with the ancestral Chi You tribal culture as the carrier, the main buildings include the Chi You temple, palace, Jiu Bai Miao cultural corridor, the Big Dipper, the underground maze, Miao palace, tourist service center etc.. Into the "city", to drink a bowl of wine. This is the Miao hospitality. The wine is brewed into their own Miao, corn wine and rice wine, sweet fragrance, very good drink. Enter the city, the most eye-catching is the folk group. On the hillside, with more than and 300 houses, buildings fall up to 81 meters, is currently the world’s largest building group. Through the long tunnel through time in the tunnel like corridor, with Chi You and Sanmiao culture as the theme of the murals can be seen everywhere. Mountain for the courtyard, the world’s largest courtyard. Chi You Jiu City also has a 24 metre high stone column is also called the general column, worship Miao, all 1相关的主题文章: