Chengdu 50 loss of independence for the elderly love to walk called for the loss of independence of headache怎么读�

50 of Chengdu’s loss of independence for the elderly "love walk" calls for social care zhongxinwangzhongxinwang, loss of family – in Chengdu on 9 October, (Liu Ting) "eat soy sauce vinegar drink, much less mahjong walking, do good fortune." 9, the Double Ninth Festival, Chengdu Public Cloud Development Association jointly Chengdu old bosom Hotline Association in Chengdu ZhuLao obligations, organized a "welfare hiking Chongyang fun co love", the 50 loss of independence for the elderly in young volunteers accompanied by the 5 kilometers on foot, called on the community care for the loss of independence family. Loss of the only child of the family is known as the loss of a single family, the family of the elderly is known as the loss of independence for the elderly. The activities of the 50 old people have experienced the tragic experience of the tragic death of their children, the spirit suffered a major trauma. Today, they accept the care at the same time, turned to join the help of others, given a warm loving volunteer team. Huang is 61 years old this year, a car accident took her daughter and husband, destroyed her happy life, about 15 years ago. "Every day I came home sick, the first thing is to open the door for a crying, her daughter and her husband died, leaving me alone." Huang Ji has experienced a self enclosed, distraught life today, Huang Ji gradually out of the haze, began to help a similar unfortunate family, "I own experience to comfort around the lost family alone, tell them the hope of life or the." Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you……" In a happy blessing, the Chinese tearful. For Jiang Hanhua in the past, the annual birthday is the most difficult time for him, since the child died of leukemia in 2003, he never had a birthday. The next day, the event is just 54 years old, China’s birthday, lost alone old people gathered together, for his first birthday in the past 13 years. Accompanied by the Chinese together with the birthday, there are 8 other upcoming birthday in October, the elderly, the elderly together to sing a birthday song, share a birthday cake, spent a collective birthday. "This festival is to respect and love the old old filial piety Festival, this special group of the elderly alone lost society needs love and warmth." Chengdu Public Cloud Development Association Secretary General Fu Yan said, hoping to help these special families through public hiking activities out of the closed state of mind, for them to bring positive energy. During the festive season is when the family alone lost the most uncomfortable, they are accustomed to their closed self healing, not willing to accept outside care and help." Chengdu elderly intimate association Xiao Wenxing introduced president hotline duty to help, China lost family alone has more than one million, only in the city of Chengdu has family alone lost more than 26 thousand families, so there are several major problems of pension, mental illness, such as poverty. The loss of independence for the elderly is the need for special attention to society, caring groups". On the day, Chengdu will promote the development of public cloud eleventh professional volunteer service teams, helping the volunteer service team was formally established, Chengdu old bosom Hotline Association to become one of the main obligation to help the professional power of the elderly. Later, will be in a professional way of social work, carry out "on Sangyu" series of care for the elderly)相关的主题文章: