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Red net for powder, live the Hornets being stung into the ICU — Hainan windows boee

Red net for powder, live the Hornets   being stung into the ICU — Hainan window — Jiang Bo was in the hospital became the anchor to Chuiladanchang or giggle and flirt on the screen? Wrong! In order to suck powder, someone will do something crazy. The day before, a 29 year old boy Dazu District in order to let the live more fire risk to the hornets. Jiang Bo do live more than 3 months, in the online small fame. A few days ago, his friend fishing was a wasp sting, heard some worry, Jiang Bo is feeling themselves: do a Hornets broadcast drama, first broadcast in the Hornets, the second sets of live pupae to eat. The evening of October 4th, Jiang Bo and other 6 people spent 500 yuan to rent a crane to the hornet’s nest under the tree. He put on his motorcycle helmet, put on his raincoat, and stood on the crane to the top of the 30 meter tall tree. After a short time, the companion will listen to Chiang wave shouted: "put me down quickly, not to live." Crane down, Jiang Bo has fallen into a coma, rushed to the nearby hospital. After examination, from entering the hornet’s trousers, on Jiang Bo bite wound 37. Subsequently, Jiang Bo transferred to the intensive care unit. Yesterday, Jiang Bo’s friend, said Yin Zhujun, still in the intensive care unit of the hospital, the treatment fee has been $. Jiang Bo’s live account operating more than 3 months, and the cooperation of the 3 friends, earn more than 3000 yuan per month. In the evening after there are 3 main reasons: the sky is dark, the hornet’s nest position is too high, no professional protective equipment. Chongqing Cancer Hospital Director General Department Wang Shengqiang said that since the autumn from many hospitals by wasp sting patients. Bee stings can use alkalescent solution (such as 3% 2~3% ammonia, sodium bicarbonate, soapy water, light lime water flushing, etc.) apply to neutralize the acid toxin. Is a weak acid solution with wasp sting (such as vinegar, 0.1% hydrochloric acid and etc.). With a small needle or tape paste, pull out the sting of a bee, do not squeeze. Symptoms quickly sent to hospital. Chongqing evening news reporter to see Jiang Bo’s live account found that Jiang Bo had done a few times to take the horse honeycomb live, there are 15 thousand fans. Jiang Bo accident this video, there are 11 thousand viewing. Net red little Liu Yan: so suck powder is not desirable for many times to visit Chongqing, a live broadcast platform, signed a network of 4 webcast of the network of small red Liu Yan, do not agree with their own way of life. Little Liu Yan said, live hot, low threshold, the new anchor first to consider their own bottom line, in the course of the broadcast to establish their own style, not only to attract powder to go to extremes. Psychological expert: Kuso is a kind of abnormal mentality of Chongqing Concord counselors office director Tan Gangqiang said that some people desperately want to obtain the existence of pleasure subversive innovation impulse, there are some people use to obtain public attention especially kuso. Kuso intensified, mainly the use of modern people in urgent need to reduce the pressure of the state, by the thrill of mischief to ease. Spoof mostly in the network, the network threshold is very low, often appear overnight phenomenon, can help some people to achieve a kind of illusory satisfaction. Tan Gangqiang believes that the choice of spoof way to reflect the heart of the priority of the existence of emptiness, impetuous and non -相关的主题文章:

Liu Tao Yang Zi share a hairstyle called with me rock’n roll– fashion – People’s netwo ajviewer

Liu Tao Yang Zi Wang Ziwen shared a style called rock’n    together with me; roll– fashion — original title: Liu Tao Yang Zi Wang Ziwen shared a style called rock’n roll with me a little noticed, the girls around nine out of ten off waist long hair, keep the hair, not the shortest but shorter! For example, Yang Zi drying out in micro-blog’s new hairstyle is that…… Xiao Bian did not ask the photo cool mushroom who is, anyway, a view point is you will find her hair in this year it has shuabing! For example, Wu Xin, although with a neat bang, but the overall feeling of his hair is cool. And Liu Tao, when he played rock and roll, was style’s hair. To say this one from the beginning of what seemed not what impression, feeling at home and Wang Ziwen brought up the style, the hair thinning, whether it is air or partial bangs, Liu Qi, and this style can seem a perfect fit. Her hair tied into semi ball head, it is cool! This hair style is really on the hair dry degree has very strict requirements, for the collapse of hair sister paper the hair in maintenance difficulty is quite large. So we must be sure to master the number of hair dryer usage! Today, Xiao Bian to find a blow after the shape, is not it looks like just get up at that time, "area" a lot? Of course this is just the first step. The second step, curly hair curler Electric is now an essential artifact, make hairstyle is used, the first two sides roll, left to the left rear roll, on the right side of the right rear roll, not too deliberate pursuit of law, the volume is mainly casual, let the hair look a radian, relatively light on ok. Liu remember curling back to see the full back hair handsome goddess lightly action? This is how the wind moves! Noisy, time-consuming 5 minutes, the finished product, the static dynamic is very beautiful. Compared with just now is not particularly spiritual! Then we’ll have a little more difficult! The first step: use the hair dryer hair from the bottom to blow out the fluffy hair, simple wave head shape with 37 hair styles. The second step: in a layer of more than the amount of use will roll out other circular comb hair after using the hair dryer blowing hair, and then use the hair stick will roll out the tail part of involute curve. The third step: the hair top hair with a fine tooth comb to hair close to the scalp can effectively avoid the embarrassment, one side of a small amount of fat using hairpin fixed in the ear. The fourth step: simple and fresh hair Bobo after care become graceful and dynamic, one side of your hair on the ears and refreshing. Amway small time (think it is the end of the ad to see it over) BRAUN Braun portable German portable light and easy to carry, universal voltage, 1200W strong power, free adjustment of heat energy. Dyson Supersonic the hair dryer hair dryer set four gear and third gear speed and temperature, so that users can quickly switch to the cold file, the key is,)相关的主题文章:

Martha Lahti, President of the 2017 car Quattroporte China first – China Network

Martha Lahti, 2017 president of car QUATTROPORTE Chinese first – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, 2 days, Martha Lahti introduced the 2017 Quattroporte sedan at the Chengdu auto show, the official guide price of RMB 1 million 460 thousand. The new Quattroporte president car on the basis of the Essence Standard Edition, and another GranLusso luxury edition and GranSport sports edition. 2017 cars from the president of the vehicle’s appearance, interior style, the control performance and driving technology on the large face in the sixth generation on the basis of the president". In the design, the new Quattroporte CEO car up to 12 updates. Updates include: a new grille chrome strip, a new front bumper design, new design, new rear bumper bumper, side skirts, a new radiator decoration rearview mirror design, new design, new hub new rear diffuser design, the new bumper wing (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), a new brake caliper (deluxe version of the sport, the new edition), mark decoration (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition) and Trident blue interior design (Deluxe Edition). The new front grille design is the core component reflected the identity of Martha Lahti, inspired by the Alfieri concept car, the significant edges in the vision is more ferocious. The new design of the chrome bars, in contrast with the rich depth of shark nose effect. This design has appeared in Martha Lahti’s latest Levante SUV models. Other notable features of the new Quattroporte president sedan includes a matte black side skirt and a rear view mirror, the latter also slightly changed to match the new technology and equipment. In the interior, the new Quattroporte president car up to 11 interior upgrades. The upgrade includes: new rearview mirror and new original console, mobile phone shell storage space, the new control knob, new pedal (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), new steering wheel decoration (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), sports seats (Sport), carbon fiber (Sport), shift paddles piano black trim (Sport), three optional carbon fiber details (Sport), RADICA wood (Deluxe Edition) and three special Zegna interior combination (Deluxe Edition). The new car is equipped with a new infotainment system, using a high resolution 8.4 inch multi touch display, but also has a compatible apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone image features. The middle and lower part of the console has been redesigned, equipped with a knob controller, volume and infotainment system functions can be achieved through the operation knob. Martha Lahti also provides a level of customization by the launch of the new GranLusso GranSport Deluxe Edition and sports version of decoration, rich materials for customers to choose: including wood, carbon fiber, high-end leather, Alcantara material and leather and color contrast effect of fine suture. Customized for the GranLusso luxury models Jeni.相关的主题文章:

The prime minister’s visit to the micro lens from Zhengzhou to Bishkek, the Prime Minister of the SC masa-c

The prime minister’s visit to the micro lens: from Zhengzhou to Bishkek, "the prime minister" a blueprint for Beijing, a year ago the Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center, the prime minister Keqiang initiative on the Shanghai cooperation organization to build six cooperation platform is still in the ear. Today, the State Guesthouse in Bishkek Conference Center is located at the foot of the right alar Canyon, the prime minister Keqiang proposed six for every phrase a gem, the future development of the sco. 3 days morning local time, the prime minister Keqiang member governments of the SCO summit in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek (Prime Minister) the fifteenth meeting of the council. From Zhengzhou to Bishkek, from the six platform to the six recommendations, the prime minister Keqiang regional cooperation mechanism of the China by painting the blueprint of development, for 15 years past the SCO to plan for the future. [six] to the recommendations from the six platform to create a safe and stable environment to build the integrated development pattern, mining innovation cooperation opportunities to enhance the level of cooperation from the capacity to improve, from regional financing mechanism to lay a solid foundation of cultural exchanges, the prime minister Keqiang six suggestions and directions for future development of the sco. In fact, these six proposals in December last year has now taken shape. The prime minister Keqiang in Henan Zhengzhou held a session of the SCO "prime minister" is put forward, the SCO should focus on building six cooperation platform: build a strong security cooperation platform, build capacity, accelerate the construction of cooperation platform interoperability cooperation platform, innovative financial cooperation platform, platform construction, regional trade cooperation to build social collaboration platform. It is not difficult to see that the six platform six recommendations and then today is the same, the former is the continuation and development. Summed up, not only to deepen security cooperation in this line of work, but also open up the economic integration of the "new world", let the SCO in pragmatic cooperation in security and "two wheel drive" go faster and more stable. [time] "prescription" in the "prime minister", from said that work with all parties to do feasibility study on FTA to put forward specific initiatives to promote regional trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, China releases continue to promote pragmatic cooperation in the SCO’s clear signal. At present, the weakness of the recovery of the world economy, as one falls, another rises of regional hotspot issues, the SCO member countries generally face downward pressure on the economy, in the field of security also meets many challenges. In this context, how to make the SCO to play a greater role in promoting regional security and stability, how to make its contribution to regional prosperity and development of greater strength, become a great subject in front of each member. Six platforms and six suggestions is timely, including production cooperation, strategic docking, financial cooperation, trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, new ideas and new ways, will inject new impetus to move forward for the SCO, and better for the benefit of the public. [fifteen] load starting again in order to safeguard peace, security and stability in the region is set up 15 years ago, the original intention of the sco. Compared with 15 years ago, the world economy, geopolitics has undergone profound changes. Today’s regional security situation is more complex and severe, the need for countries to carry out closer cooperation in security; economic development momentum weakened,相关的主题文章:

China’s largest rocket Long March five, the first launch of the successful launch of the moment shoc mmhouse

The biggest China rocket Long March five first flight successfully launched instant shock – Sohu military channel page first: China largest rocket Long March five first flew successfully [click the picture to the next page] for 20:43 on November 3rd, China’s largest thrust new generation carrier rocket Long March five in Wenchang China spaceport blasted off. Chinese military network, Wenchang, November 3: China Aerospace forward to the era of big rockets today. 20:43 in November 3, 2016, China maximum thrust of a new generation of rocket Long March No. five in Wenchang Chinese spaceport blasted off about 30 minutes later, the rocket body and load combination composed of expedition two, upper stage and practice seventeen satellite separated successfully, enter the preset orbit, the long march rocket number five first flight mission complete success. "Long March five, the first successful flight, marking the realization of China’s upgrading of the launch vehicle, carrying capacity into the international advanced ranks, is a key step in the space powers into a space power." Former director of the National Space Administration, said Luan Enjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. It witnessed the big rocket and sea breeze. As the long march rocket family planning foundation model in the era of Long March five, called the "big man": tall — a total length of nearly 57 meters, up about 20 storeys high; waist circumference — body diameter of 5 meters, 3.35 meters in diameter and 4 pieces of binding booster; strong heart — for the first time using the combination core level 2 50 ton engine booster and 4 pieces of 2 sets of each 120 ton liquid oxygen kerosene engine off, ignition at the same time 10 engines, achieved a major breakthrough in China’s take-off technology special engine. The surge of the waves witnessed the power of the great rocket. As a new generation of China’s largest carrier rocket thrust, long march five with "Hercules" reputation: take off the largest — whole rocket takeoff weight of about 870 tons, 1000 tons more than the maximum takeoff thrust; — near earth orbit carrying capacity carrying capacity of 25 tons, far to orbit carrying capacity of 14 tons. Has increased by more than 2.5 times than the long march three rocket technology; the largest span — the arrow by 247 with completely independent intellectual property rights of key technologies. On the overall performance, the long march five has been among the world’s major rocket camp, will greatly enhance our ability to enter the space independently." Li Dong, chief designer of Long March five. Facing the sea, looking up at the stars. This is the second launch of China Wenchang space launch site, which is the longest flight of the long march series of launch vehicles, the 238th. As the Chinese launch times of "pioneers", deep space exploration of the "main force", long march five will be used for future lunar exploration three, manned space station, the first Mars exploration mission. China’s new "Long March" is being set off by the big rocket. Page second: China largest rocket Long March five first flew successfully [click the picture to the next page] for 20:43 on November 3rd, China’s largest thrust new generation carrier rocket Long March five in Wenchang China spaceport blasted off. [] China dream force China notes earth tremors, sea echo. Long march five strong roar, let the world once again hear china.相关的主题文章: