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Foshan seventy lady Mi doctor CPR to save the kneeling down (video) spyair

Foshan seventy lady Mi doctor CPR to save the ground kneel Guangzhou daily Foshan news (reporter correspondent Liu Pengfei ye Hui Xin) street after artificial respiration rescue, the warmth of the story and staged in Foshan. Yesterday morning, Foshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine emergency department physician Tang Qi in the subway station through professional cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques rescue the fallen mother-in-law. After the rescue, the patient regained heart rate and breathing, and then was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction. The patient has undergone PCI operation (coronary intervention) and the consciousness has been restored. At 7:50 yesterday, the convenience store card traffic in Tang Qi Temple subway station, subway station when he suddenly heard someone shouting "someone fainted". He hurried out of the convenience store, and saw someone in the station fainted in the ground, the staff are looking at the situation, Tang Qi looked quickly swipe card into the station, ran to the site of the incident. I saw a mother-in-law about 70 years old, fell to the ground, beside without family members. In that capacity, Tang Qi and staff will work together over her mother-in-law, breathing is extremely weak, do not touch the carotid pulse, Tang Qi immediately cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the implementation of chest compressions, subway station staff also dialed 120. During the waiting for emergency personnel to come, Tang Qi has been continuously, standardized for patients with chest compressions. After the emergency personnel arrived, he explained the rescue situation and continued to assist the rescue, and use balloon to help patients ventilation. Later, Tang Qi sent her mother-in-law to the hospital with an ambulance. "At that time, the patient was in critical condition, with many individuals and multiple powers."." Tang Qi said. Until the hospital medical personnel took over the rescue, Tang Qicai assured to leave. At present, with the rescue after the recovery of cardiac and respiratory, diagnosed as acute myocardial infarction, has PCI surgery (coronary intervention), consciousness has been restored. For this courageous, Tang Qi said he just did the doctor, "I have met a lot of patients who lost their lives without timely cardiopulmonary resuscitation, feel very sorry, so I did not think the first time rushed to rescue." (Guangzhou daily) [Foshan] Reading beauty Street kneeling save for CCTV attention

佛山七旬阿婆心梗倒地 医生跪地心肺复苏救人广州日报佛山讯 (记者刘鹏飞 通讯员叶惠欣)继街头人工呼吸救人之后,温情的故事又在佛山上演。昨日上午,佛山市中医院急诊科主治医师汤琪在地铁站通过专业的心肺复苏手法抢救了倒地婆婆。经抢救,患者恢复心跳呼吸,随后被诊断为急性心肌梗死。患者目前已进行PCI手术(冠状动脉介入手术),意识已恢复。昨日7时50分,汤琪在祖庙地铁站的便利店充值交通卡,此时他突然听到地铁站有人大喊“有人晕倒”。他赶紧走出便利店,看见站内有人晕倒在地,工作人员正在查看情况,汤琪见状迅速刷卡入站,跑向事发地点。只见一名大约70岁的婆婆倒在地上,身旁没有家属。在表明身份后,汤琪与工作人员合力将婆婆翻转过来,婆婆的呼吸极其微弱,颈动脉搏动触摸不到,汤琪立即进行徒手心肺复苏术,实施胸外心脏按压,地铁站工作人员同时拨打了120。在等待急救人员到来期间,汤琪一直持续、规范地为患者进行胸外心脏按压。急救人员到达后,他说明施救情况后继续协助抢救,并使用球囊帮患者通气。后来,汤琪跟随救护车一同将婆婆送往医院。“当时患者情况很危急,多个人多份力量。”汤琪说。直到院内医疗人员接手抢救后,汤琪才放心离开。目前,患者经抢救后恢复心跳呼吸,被诊断为急性心肌梗死,已进行PCI手术(冠状动脉介入手术),意识已恢复。对于这次的见义勇为,汤琪说自己只是尽了医生的本职,“我遇到过很多因没有得到及时心肺复苏而失去生命的病人,感到甚为惋惜,所以今天没有多想就第一时间冲上前抢救了。”(广州日报) 【相关阅读】佛山美女街头跪地救人获央视关注相关的主题文章:

China FAW precise poverty alleviation as a corporate citizen responsibility segotep

China FAW precise poverty alleviation as a corporate citizen is one of the components of the society, but also a "citizen"". As a corporate citizen of the FAW China always adhere to the "out of the car, the experience, talent, promote human · · social harmony and development" of the enterprise mission, continue to deepen the understanding of social responsibility, actively fulfill their commitment to social responsibility, highlighting the central enterprises social responsibility with practical action. The mission of the enterprise is also affecting the generation of faw. "Xiangyang family often in the spring, a people more than a word" than "to the roses, hand a fragrance is more intense and simple words is the social responsibility of the FAW office staff motto. Engaged in social responsibility for more than eight years every day he can get some satisfaction from helping others, and enjoy the day in and day out, only to see people happy smile on the face! A mind, only to wish their country is crucial for poverty alleviation is a very important task, in eight years, the FAW social responsibility office workers have only one purpose, that is to let everyone feel the poverty alleviation one thing for the whole society to work together are doing, to continue to deliver more positive people energy. Although this is a long process, but they did not forget the beginning of the heart, but with greater enthusiasm to help more people who need help, to become more qualified charitable people". "Accept your help, fly our youth." FAW social responsibility office staff to let him feel the deepest words. This is a student loans issued ceremony, a little girl sitting in the back of his life. On the road to poverty alleviation, such a move often occurs. In this year, the FAW funded Zhenlai County poor students in small Tong successfully admitted to Tsinghua University. In an interview with small Tong told reporters: "she is lucky to get help, FAW, complete the dream. But there are many unfortunate children who have not been helped. So she is determined to be a person who can help others, and then gradually become a capable person to do things for others." And this is exactly what China FAW wants to see. Because doing these things is not to hear the words of Thanksgiving, but more hope is really able to help those who are difficult to solve the current problems, to fulfill their wishes. The improvement is not only the life of the future, but since the beginning of 2002 China FAW Group, has been 14 years, sent a total of six batches of twelve group of cadres, and in education, health, infrastructure and other aspects are provided to help. In the aspect of poverty reduction, since 2010, with the aid of the FAW China national poverty counties jointly launched a long-term plan for the construction of new countryside construction "FAW town", focus its resources on the implementation of Multidimensional Poverty Alleviation project. With the passage of time, in the increasingly changing the poverty-stricken areas, people are no longer just a front yard of the daily vegetables, but in the periphery and vegetables on the windowsill are raising flowers, this is a better life for the future of a dream. See these gratifying results, the FAW social responsibility office staff said: poverty alleviation.相关的主题文章:

Nanjing, a bus rolling taxi witnesses 2 people died on the spot – Sohu news k9084

Nanjing taxi bus rolling witnesses: 2 people died on the spot – Sohu news bus, muck truck, taxi — on the network nicknamed the "big three road". Yesterday morning, because grab lights, a bus and car collided, causing many injuries. Can not let people come back to life, at 7:50 this evening, collided in Xianlin a 97 bus and taxi, according to onlookers said, a female passenger and the taxi driver was killed, the accident is still under investigation. Network picture tonight at about 7, two pieces of shocking pictures popped up online, a 97 bus, the whole body almost all riding in the green belt, a yellow taxi half a body next to the green belt, was crushed under the bus. A closer look, a man lying next to the taxi. Network picture Modern Express reporter after many know that the accident occurred in the vicinity of Xianlin University of traditional Chinese medicine, involved the bus driver has been taken to the police station. About 7:50 in the evening, the modern express reporter on the scene saw the accident in the subway line two, Wonderland Road near the mountain sheep subway station, the taxi has been rescue go, a crane is the bus from the green belt hanging out. At the time of the incident, the bus is learning from the original road to the University Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine station. The two car is just over there at the crossroads of Xianlin Avenue impact accident of broken glass, from the road from south to North in Paradise Lost forty or fifty meters. The scene of the accident picture network onlookers told reporters, the car sat a man and a woman two female passengers, dumped out of the bus passengers died on the spot, male passengers were injured and taken to hospital. The taxi was suppressed, the driver trapped in the car for a long time, rescued after death.相关的主题文章:

Ten minutes to take you to play the video Jiangsu Kunshan – Sohu travel aspack

The ten minute video take you to play all over the Jiangsu Kunshan Sohu l l – Lin Yuan King tourism Pavilion Pavilion Lin Yuan ancient stage – long history, gathering of talents, because of its 100 pingchou, beautiful peak, saddle shaped Yufeng mountain, originally named Ma’anshan park. In order to commemorate Gu Yanwu, take its number in the name of Ting Lin, renamed the pavilion of the Lin Yuan. The garden must place for Kunqu Opera museum. The Museum of ancient architecture gardening tradition, to the ancient stage as the center, the pavilion Gallery Pavilion ring water, pavilions. The Peony Pavilion Pavilion – Lin Yuan – the ancient stage named "four corner Pavilion Peony Pavilion" the Peony Pavilion "and" garden show "dream eighty percent off, this is the water in the glittering pavilion. The ancient stage to undertake the Kunqu Opera in the past. So, the people of the ancient stage is the respect, respect for the Kunqu Opera, this is the ancient stage of Kunqu Opera in. One of the Lin Yuan Pavilion Kunshi Museum – Wuzhong four gifted Wen Zhengming had Zanyu mountain as the first mountain in the southeast. Yufeng sites with long history, there are seventy-two scenes in ancient times, the Liang Dynasty built poly Hui temple, known as the four hundred and eighty head of the temple, is the origin of. Kunshi, Qionghua, bingdilian is Yufeng Sambo, and Lingbi stone, Taihu stone, stone known as the "four ancient stone" China Kunshi for the first three. Kunshi English clock generated in the initial five hundred million years ago before the Cambrian period, and then after several geological changes two hundred million years before the formation of today’s "Kunshi precious. In the mountains in the East, a tan color fragrant Shuangjue, between different period of lotus pool and pure-hearted, Qionghua forest is charming appearance and personality formerly known as poly Hui Temple East vegetarian Kunshi museum. Kunshi Museum covers an area of about 900 square meters, is currently the only Chinese Kunshi Tibet museum. In addition to the collection of Kunshi, part of Kunshan from the friends of the ornamental stone association. The Kunshi boutique, in addition to a chicken bone peak, peak, peak of jellyfish snow outside of Kunshan, and Shuangfeng Lianbi chicken bone chicken bone, snow peak peak and walnut crystal Yang Meifeng and many other rare species. The two party of the ancient Ming Dynasty Kunshi, is currently the only remaining and the largest ancient Kunshi, museum museum. The top grade Kunshi exquisitely carved jade, crystal white, hard, Khieu hole all over, has drunk, thin, hunchbacked form – Kunshan city ecological Forest Park – from top to bottom, overlooking the Kunshan Kunshan city ecological Forest Park is located in the northwest 4 km from downtown, Kunshan city is the city of the lung. Whether the ecological landscape or fresh air, enjoy together in the city park without outer suburbs will. Since 2002 opening date of the park after several ten years, optimization of construction and upgrading, open from the infrastructure construction of the initial gradually become now so scenery and ecological coexistence kaleidoscope. Spring to summer to spring break Yuen view; Sunflower Garden sunflower Xiangyang; early autumn to see verdant grass to plum garden; taxuexinmei in winter; and the water is abundant, wetland ecological park vegetation over and the birds of paradise of bird island, are available in this city.相关的主题文章:

Li Chao fund industry to return to the source of information management stick to the bottom line soojin

Li Chao: the fund industry to return to the source of information management adhere to the bottom of the information management Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the crackdown on information management products, rigid payment violations with the capital, capital pool – restricted class of non-standard financing, investment business, nested reporter Li Dandan, editor of Jian Ming Chinese Commission Vice Chairman Li Chao pointed out that the 30 subsidiary agencies of the fund industry should take the initiative to return information management information management source, adhere to the bottom line. In the standard fund management company and a subsidiary of private capital management business, the next stage, the Commission will crack down on illegal information management products Rigid honor, with funding, capital pools to touch the bottom line behavior, strictly limit the class of non-standard financing subsidiary, the nested class of business investment to strengthen the supervision of structured products. He attended the China Fund Industry Association organized the fund management company compliance risk control training will make the above statement. Li Chao pointed out that the public fund industry was founded eighteen years, the overall development of stable, standardized operation, maintaining a stable and healthy development momentum. At the same time, the industry is still in the early stages of development, especially in the subsidiary and private equity management business areas, but also accumulated a lot of problems and risks. Some institutions there is a deviation from the information management industry, "accountability of good faith, prudence and diligence" is not in place, lack of sustained long-term planning and other issues. Li Chao stressed that the industry should take the initiative to return to the source of information management, adhere to the bottom line of information management, investors around the responsibility to fulfill their duties, enhance the core competitiveness, combing and improve the business system and organizational structure. According to Li Chao introduction, the next step, the Commission will implement strict regulatory requirements in accordance with the law, continue to do a good job in improving the supply system. In the standard fund management company and a subsidiary of private capital management business, will crack down on illegal information management products Rigid honor, with funding, capital pools to touch the bottom line behavior, strictly limit the class of non-standard financing subsidiary, the nested class of business investment to strengthen the supervision of structured products. At the same time, the agency should be in the premise of effective control of risk, focusing on their own resources, to carry out private equity information management business. It is reported that the training will be invited to the Organization Department of the Commission has been released to the experts and the proposed regulatory rules to explain. The fund management company, the fund accounts of subsidiaries and Specialized Committee, business executives, fund management industry association funded private securities investment fund Specialized Committee members more than 350 people attended the meeting. THE_END Sina statement: this information reproduced from sina Associated Media, posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: