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The truth the constellation Taurus is not stupid I patronize to eat up (Figure)

The truth: the constellation Taurus is not stupid I patronize to eat up (Figure) silly Taurus only know what to eat! I will wait for him to come up, he doesn’t know! I said foot pain, he told me I exercise less! I exercise less and you say ah! They want your comfort…… Sina pigfish users love to say to the Sina constellation Taurus silly not to tease me patronize to eat sirloin to know first, feel shy, I take the initiative to chat with him or talk to OK. After the message, QQ is my initiative to send Bai, he will reply, but I am not every day, once every 2-3 days, see he did not take the initiative to have no hair, want to see his reaction. Late on Saturday night when he suddenly received text messages, invitations to Sunday creative park for a walk, this is his first time to take the initiative to send text messages and invitations, so also agreed to go. Chat on Sunday was OK, sometimes his ideas very much, but also take the initiative to ask me not to take pictures like, look at the creative park along quite naturally, not embarrassed, but the topic is still relatively small, I have been looking for the topic, I am afraid of myself saying too much, because he like ignore me, absent-minded, don’t know what to think to go. Sweat ah ~ that afternoon at about 5, the night did not intend to have dinner with him (because he did not take the initiative to know), but walked he said to be looking for food, let me lead the way (in the vicinity of my house), but I don’t often go to the nearby delicious, so do not understand later, just to find a room to sit down. Because we are eating dinner when he took the initiative to Hot pot, dish, saw me eating a bowl of a bowl and spoon to me (I also did not dare to pour tea, when they meet for the first time the dinner date was so active, I was amazed at dinner,) afternoon chat topic not easy, he said little that is, regardless of the food, and never looked up at me, but I have been watching him ah, ha ha, saw him eat sweating, really want to tell him to eat more slowly, but even said he is more shy, although he will head up, but not at me, look elsewhere. But when he looked at and, he is laughing like a child. After dinner, he offered to pay, I said after the AA, because for the first time to eat next time please let him feel shy, he must be a pit. Then I sent him to the subway mouth, because he did not go to the subway around, I’m going to say 88, he said to send me to the station, I said to the turn is very close, he said the different meaning. Well, he still occasionally intimate. In the afternoon of creative park a lot of walking the road, I told him to stop and rest he did not seem to hear, then came home and asked me today tired, he was really mad. Then he laughed at me and said I could go for a run next time…… On Monday, I said foot pain, he called for, to see what his reaction, he said only a pig called people lost compensation, where less movement will make compensation, really he was furious. Two days ago, I took the initiative to ask him to go out this weekend to play, he said to be on duty, I say it, then no contact. He is so passive, I do not know whether it is possible to continue to take the initiative to ask him to eat, because he usually also late work, home is also very late?相关的主题文章:

Parents and children talk about their childhood story – Sohu maternal

Parents and children to talk about their childhood story – the mother and daughter of Sohu recently very strange, small red beans and two brothers are always rushing to chat with me. They accompany me lying in bed, occasionally listen to gossip far apart from each other, I complain, complain, even when my advisor, give me all kinds of advice and reminders. Suddenly, I felt like I was suddenly turned into a child, being taken care of by their two siblings. Today, I asked them what the two, what is the reason? I did not expect his son said: "recently, your friend died, all of you seem a little change, looks a bit melancholy, need someone to accompany." I was really touched! When the child began to care about the mother, sharing the mother’s mind, is not meant to be a good day when her mother has come? Every adult heart, how many have unspeakable secret, may be a hidden wound, a violation of morality experience, or fuzzy childhood bears the imprint. After years of washing, grow up to become another myself "". I often feel that there are two souls in the body of the little Nicola: an extreme sensibility, an extreme reason. Sometimes suddenly took me to the two different direction of the run, let me feel the torture, it often takes some effort, the two soul pull back and I sat down and communication. May, within each one of us, more or less there are some contradictions and conflicts, sometimes not necessarily unspeakable secrets, but say, think and have actually occurred, rather baffling access, it is very difficult to use with the child in two words or three clarity. Therefore, when we think of ourselves as a child, perhaps a little embarrassed, and even feel that there is a big gap with the current. For example, in reality we often hope for children, good people, good health you mind. But calm down to think about their appearance at the age of the child, maybe you will find themselves more difficult than children, but also trouble, and even some difficult to break through the bottleneck. "Sunshine little beauty", "children can not participate in their parents’ childhood, but when the child met his mother (or father), what will hit the spark?" This is a very interesting imagination. In fact, many children love to listen to their parents young story, when you try to be honest about your childhood in front of the children (although sometimes find it difficult to face or do not want to admit), try to observe "the child back to mother’s childhood, mother will want to change what?" And "the reality of the mother, but also want to change the child," the two control each other, perhaps you will be able to accept the reality of the child, know how to communicate with him, or better understand the real self. No matter how mature adults, sometimes forget how to grow up. Let the children accompany you to go back to the time machine! If we can borrow from the back of his childhood to understand that children, adults also have advantages and disadvantages, also can not do, perhaps can reduce the requirements of the child rearing, reduce anxiety, become happier parents. "Mother makes herself, the child can be herself.".相关的主题文章:

Miss Dong’s anger spray the story behind the GREE shareholders than shareholders wonderful gamelink

Miss Dong’s anger spray the story behind the GREE shareholders than the shareholders’ meeting [introduction] wonderful hit the financial statements of listed companies. China fund reported Taylor finishing topic queen Miss Dong weekend GREE electric scraper. On Friday, GREE shareholders meeting, GREE acquired silver long questioned, Miss Dong freak. The meeting seemed to employees at the shareholders’ meeting lecture, Miss Dong said, she no, there is no applause, you didn’t applaud this. She also said that if it is not for her, do not give you these small and medium investors dividends? Today, the announcement of the GREE electric appliances, the general meeting of shareholders rejected 15 proposals, the acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Dragon’s White Knight program is not, Miss Dong to achieve the actual control of the motion on the yellow. For who would freak out. A lot of things, a large amount of information, people may eat melon forced some ignorant, let you go through the fund Jun. 1, the cause of the incident is perhaps one of GREE electric Vanke’s management equity battle caused anxiety. From the beginning of the battle of Vanke A shares, the proportion of the first largest shareholder is lower than 20%, dispersed ownership, stock price is undervalued quality enterprises, such as the Eurasian Group, Financial Street, Tongren and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, in July last year after the stock market crash often become the object of venture capital placards. After Vanke, institutional investors are also concerned about the profitability of such a strong manufacturing enterprises such as GREE. The report shows that in 2016, the Department of treasure to Qianhai life "Haley annual insurance products" holds 90 million 102 thousand and 900 shares of GREE electric, GREE electric appliances accounted for 1.50% of the total share capital, ranked fourth large shareholders. Ampang insurance group, the harmony health insurance company holdings GREE 48 million 190 thousand shares, is the eighth largest shareholder. Note that the fund has just seen 2016 Jun three quarterly reports about the latest Ampang, not in the top ten big, but the treasure can still buy GREE appliances, but only 0.99% shares, ranked the sixth largest shareholder. So at that time the market has been talking about "GREE will be the next Vanke", with Miss Dong that temper, the company will be willing to control the fall in the hands of others? 2, Miss Dong abacus GREE began a 6 month suspension in February this year, began planning a merger and fund-raising. Miss Dong in August this year, dished out 35 announcements, out of a fixed investment plan of $+100 billion acquisition of Zhuhai, a total of 100% equity interest in silver dragon. A major new energy battery, electric car companies. Then the two secondary market investors in an uproar, the question was, why? Investors questioned a few points: 1, Zhuhai silver worth not worth $13 billion, the valuation of their own only 50 to 6 billion, you actually also a premium of two times the acquisition? 2, Zhuhai; silver long income depends heavily on government subsidies, and new energy battery technology is not mature; 3, a household electrical appliance enterprises to do cross-border new energy bus, totally two different areas, had already had a number of household electrical appliance enterprises to engage in cross-border die on the beach: Chunlan 97 years of heavy truck…相关的主题文章:

Founded two years of ofo made the first published out of the campus detailed play – Sohu Technology

Founded two ofo made the first release released out of the campus with play – Sohu technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Xiao Han Chi things on November 17th news, founded two years in shared bicycle ofo held its first conference, announced the city development strategy, including the use of solid tire design ofo 3 version of the bicycle, open a bike sharing program, and the enterprise will be in the 22 city operation. Ofo founder and CEO Dai Wei said ofo will be achieved by the end of 2016 the goal of connecting the 1 million bicycles, and announced that the former general manager of the Northern District of Uber Zhang Yanqi joined the ofo COO. For the 3 version of the city scene for the use of the campus outside the city, ofo today introduced a number of specially designed version of the bike 3. The model is more compact in appearance than the first two generations of the product, and the use of a number of special design. Including the use of a free inflatable solid tire, seal shaft, rotating bell, reinforcement of the wheel rim and spokes, the triangle features 22 inch. Dai Wei said that ofo has four to five kinds of electronic lock solution, but it has not been introduced in the 3 models. In this regard, Dai Wei in a sentence, we have a 100% success rate in the industry to be answered. He said that due to the changing seasons, it is difficult to ensure the electronic equipment in high and low temperature, rain and floods and other complex natural conditions is still working, and the mechanical lock is not the existence of these problems, so in order to ensure that users are able to lock in any case, ofo still adhere to the mechanical lock in the. In addition to the launch of the bike sharing program in the 3 edition, ofo also announced that it will launch a bike sharing program in urban operations, which is aimed at ordinary users and bicycle manufacturers. At the end of the average user. Dai Wei said that the follow-up will be a change in the N mode of operation, that is, the user will be provided to his bike after ofo, which can be free to use ofo all vehicles throughout the country. If the user’s personal vehicle condition is good and the price is more expensive, ofo will also provide cash compensation for the user. Join the way for the user to send the vehicle to the ofo offline sharing station, or participate in the community or a large enterprise sharing activities. In this piece of sharing in the bike business, ofo did not disclose any information. But in the field of PPT are listed in the 700bike, light passenger, millet, music and other intelligent animals, engaged in bicycle R & D company name, 700bike CEO Zhang Xiangdong also took the floor, and said the two sides have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and not simply buying and selling bicycles so simple. In addition, in addition to attract users and bicycle factory, ofo said it would also cooperate with the government, after the transformation of zombies on the community access to their platform. Into the 22 cities, during the year to connect the current cycle of 1 million bicycles, ofo in the country more than 200 colleges and universities to operate, a total of put in a total of 160 thousand bicycles,.相关的主题文章:

Linktec opened the eternal · the Great Wall continued north of Beijing real estate market legen windjview

Linktec opened the eternal · the Great Wall continued north of Beijing real estate market legend Beijing Jin disc eternal · (real estate information); the the Great Wall in order to meet the strong customer purchase requirements, will be re opened, in August 27th the opening, in addition to greatly touted 50 – 115 square meters Villa villa homes, also launched a 100 thousand down payment, i.e. the third room enough hardcover’s surprise, more highly anticipated 120 – 150 square meters cloudtop stacked villas limited push, it is your joy. The best price, write Beijing eternal legend · the Great Wall grand opening in August 6, 2016 1.2. The opening scene is extremely hot, the villa villa homes quickly sold out, write down the hot legend to Beijing North, and many did not grab customers are eagerly looking forward to the eternal · the the Great Wall quickly opened again. It is reported that the eternal · the Great Wall opened in August 27th 50 – 115 square meters villa villa homes upgrade again, and this also launched a major 120 – 150 square meters of cloud villa stack expect more high-end, by so many buyers expect the project, and there are so many sincerity, presumably in August 27th opening, the Great Wall will be · forever; before the continuation of the unpopular scene. So, what is the cause of such a big selling and strong expectations? Outside to enjoy pure oxygen in the 5S Valley, hardcover system, show the brand strength of eternal · the Great Wall is located 23 square kilometers of pure oxygen in the valley, the forest coverage rate of 96% nourished negative oxygen ion is 150 times higher than that of urban, let the blue sky with no haze is no longer a luxury. Its surrounding is as many as 85 National Scenic Area embrace, as a world heritage, 28 km "private" the Great Wall has become a window view, every time to go home, are on vacation. Eternal · the Great Wall villa villa Institute selected a number of international brands of building materials, building 5S hardcover system, each piece of landscape and every inch of space carefully crafted. The two grand core region, highlights the investment value of 2022 Olympic Games, 2019 Expo two event in Yanqing has prompted the rapid rise in prices in the eternal · around Yanqing also enjoy a lot of good event; the Great Wall is only 15 minutes away from Yanqing, the price is only 1/3 in Yanqing, Xing Yan Jing Zhang high-speed and High-speed Rail foil etc. event facilities, · in the eternal; the Great Wall area can be described as a prime location, the potential investment value has begun. Deep real estate 19 years, ingenuity built habitat benchmark group cultivating estate eternal 19 years, created a lofty ideal city, eternal ideal world classic residential projects, the group once again to create new Chinese eternal beauty, unique landscape, commercial street and other groups supporting rich, efforts to build the high cost of the villa Institute of quality of life, founded in the northern Beijing model, the real achievement and life. All of the selling is not accidental, eternal · the Great Wall can lead the legendary Beijing North sales, customer acceptance, apparently not rely on luck. Eternal · behind the the Great Wall is selling for the customers and market respect for the relentless pursuit of building quality residential is cast 8相关的主题文章: