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Strong typhoon Meranti landing Xiamen storm tide three meet new network – in jkforum

Strong typhoon "Meranti" landing Xiamen storm tide three meet – Beijing, China News Agency, Fuzhou, September 15 (Long Min Yan Xu) on the morning of 15 3 05, the fourteenth typhoon this year, Meranti "landing in Xiamen coastal areas of Xiangan. The latest typhoon warning in Fujian Province Meteorological Observatory said, when landing near the center of the largest wind 15 (48 m / sec, typhoon, central pressure of 94 thousand and 500 kPa). This is the second typhoon in Fujian this year. The data also show that "Meranti" is the year of the world’s strongest typhoon, since 1949 is the strongest typhoon landed in southern fujian. 14 night from the beginning, "miranti" will bring Fujian flurry. After landing in Xiamen, "Meranti" power show, 15 2 am, who lives in Xiamen city Chen Xiang yet to fall asleep, he told News Agency reporters complained, "my window to blow away". The typhoon coincides with the astronomical tide period, strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge of three. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory senior engineer Xia Lihua said, "Meranti" will bring strong wind and rain affected the province to Fujian. According to the typhoon live weather department 15, 3:20 released by the Fujian central and southern coastal winds of 9 to 14, gusts of 15 to 17, local gusts up to 17 above; nearly 3 hours of rainfall, Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, Xiamen part of the township of precipitation over 50 mm, 100 mm ultra local. Xia Lihua warned that the need to pay particular attention to a variety of disaster prevention effects of superposition, typhoon heavy rainfall may lead to urban area floods, flash floods and geological disasters, prevention of adverse effects before and after the landfall of Typhoon on land in the South wind. For the anti anti typhoon attacks, Fujian has "wind", prepared to meet the challenge. 14, Fujian six coastal city schools, kindergarten classes for a day, Fujian and sea passenger routes fully suspended; 14 to 17 passenger trains passing through the territory of Fujian outage over 180 columns. Fujian coast is also the evacuation of 32137 fishing boats, fishing rafts transferred to the staff of the people, the transfer of Fuzhou to the south of the ship on the crew of a total of 60915 people. As the typhoon landed in Xiamen, the 14 day at 15:30 is shut down (industry), discontinued, closed, closed, all scenic spots have been closed. Due to typhoon encounter the Mid Autumn Festival, Xiamen’s most characteristic folk custom "cake" Mid Autumn Festival party was also asked to cancel all. Fujian provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters said, "Meranti" after landing is expected to continue to move northwest, the intensity gradually weakened. But unfortunately, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" in "Meranti" southeast generation, will move into 17-18 in the coastal areas of East China and "Meranti" influence area overlap and increase "Meranti" wind, rainfall uncertainty. (end)相关的主题文章:

Zheng Shuang, Gao Yuanyuan, fell into the black hole! (video) jessica rabbit

Zheng Shuang, Gao Yuanyuan, fell into the "black hole""! [Abstract] some people think it is ugly, someone on it favors the better; it is flat shoes or Muller Aladdin’s lamp. Prince with "Morocco slippers"? In the face of the "bad taste black hole" in the world of slippers, I just want to say, "hold your tongue"! Gao Yuanyuan Zheng Shuang’s latest street shooting street shooting Jin Naying super hand-painted skills on the line shopping bags shoes became fashionable for second explosion, this is to walk "Tala Tala", pulled to the "dew heel slippers"; some people call it a "grandma drag" says it is called "leather sandals"; some people think it is ugly, it is better to have people preferred; professional and fashionable industry point of contention is whether it is flat shoes or Muller Aladdin’s lamp. The prince with a "Morocco slippers"? In the face of the world of slippers, bad taste black hole, compiled just want to say, hold back, come to devour me"! In order to keep up with the "slipper slipper" rhythm, let’s look at science: Euramerican Euramerican people street people street Euramerican street people first of all you have made, fashion inspiration always influence each other and evolving, so this really is the Slipper Muller dew heel shoes or a name called "Morocco slippers" – Babouche, in fact, there is no strict boundaries. Europe type street beat Europe type street of Euramerican people street by Marilyn · Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) Muller holds the red shoes we must not strange, bare, especially that the heel at the front end open toe shoes. Flat bottomed Muller shoes are just a few of them. Europe type street of Euramerican street people of Euramerican street people do so, part of the notes from here to you today, it is about the "Morocco slippers"; it maintains French name: Babouche, You’ll see. it is quite fashionable; the word is "babush" or Arabia. Persian "papush" ("pa" is the "foot", "push", especially those covering), flat, pointed style comfortable shoes slippers. Europe and the United States people take the streets of Europe and the United States to shoot the streets of Europe and the United States to shoot people Babouche street was born in Morocco, it is also known as "Morocco slippers". The traditional Babouche sole is made of leather, and the upper is usually a soft sheepskin or satin, decorated with a delicate embroidery or flowing. These beautiful and beautiful Babouche in Marrakech, a maze of market everywhere, also known as the local native people of Euramerican street of Euramerican street people of Euramerican street people and now popular Babouche, is a modified style; Muller shoes in the shoe a relatively rich change (for example,. Square and round…… Babouche) are generally pointed. In the summer of 2016 Muller street shoes collocation Look2016 summer Muller shoes street Look street people collocation of Euramerican a Muller shoes won’t have shoes, and some Babouche is directly to the shoes "stepped down" in (this is because Muslims in muslim.相关的主题文章:

Changsha large robbery solved about 30000000 antique fully recovered – Beijing innawoods

Changsha large robbery solved about 30000000 antique – fully recovered Beijing Red Changsha news November 1st (time news reporter Zheng Tao correspondent Kong Yi) November 1st, informed the foreign Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau said, the Bureau relies on more police interaction in the system of joint operations and information investigation means, after 19 days and nights of continuous fighting and cross five provinces of unremitting track, in October 17th successfully cracked occurred in September 30, 2016 Changsha together serious robbery and arrested 17 suspects, robbed valuation of more than 3000 yuan and other belongings to recover all Wenwan antique. In September 30th this year, 17 am, Wen Jianjun (a pseudonym) back to the Kaifu District Wanglu Garden District 12 floor of the home, when it opened the door ready to enter was suddenly from behind fiercely into the room. Subsequently, the four masked men broke into the room, the text of the army was beaten and tied at home. Subsequently, the four men will be 16 thousand yuan in cash to the army stored at home in Western Jingdezhen watches, clocks, porcelain kiln, Han bronze tripod, jade and other more than 200 pieces of antiques and safes and bank card handling multiple walk, the total property valuation of more than 3000 yuan. Night 23 PM, the victim from the army human rope, successful self-help alarm. After the alarm, Changsha City Public Security Bureau Branch Kaifu immediately mobilized investigation, technology, video and other elite forces rushed to the scene, to carry out on-site survey, investigation, video retrieval and case detection. "The case should be Department of criminal suspects orchestrated and organized in several times before the incident to the victim and the crime of tracking, check." Through a comprehensive investigation of the situation, the task force made a bold inference. Based on this idea, the task force police quickly locked a white car Shandong license. The car arrived in Hunan in September 21st from Beijing, Loudi, arrived in Changsha on the 25, many times in the vicinity of the incident occurred. 30 days after the incident, several men take the car out of Changsha fled to the north. In this car white Chinese car as a breakthrough, the project group has carried out a lot of painstaking investigation, found in Beijing, Hunan Loudi Huang Liu who headed across Beijing, Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, and Hunan Changsha, Loudi, a number of criminal gangs involved more than 10 people. The gang before committing the crime were carefully planned to carry goods scattered to escape after committing the crime to the country. The ad hoc group immediately dispatched to arrest team dispatched to Beijing, Liaoning, Hunan, Loudi and other places, take hot pursuit, one by one by one way, to carry out the work ZhuiZang and arrest suspects. In October 3rd, the ad hoc police in a hotel Changsha Shaoshan road will suspect Choi, danmou arrested, seized stolen antiques, more than 90 pieces of jade. In October 4th, the ad hoc police in LouDi Railway Station will led to Liu Gang of 10 people are captured and seized stolen goods involved more than 10 pieces. October 6th, 13, respectively, the task force in Beijing, Daxing District, Liaoning, the suspect Lou, a high arrested. October 16th, 17, the police task force in Beijing, the strong support of the police.相关的主题文章:

Net exposure to EDG faker offered $4 million for the whole class into the bubble tianbi

Net exposure to EDG Faker offered $4 million for the whole class into the bubble? The world finals just ended, LPL EDG’s two top tyrannical Han aid Pawn and Deft will have heard the news. EDG will continue to introduce top Korean aid, I believe every fan is watching. Recently, the foreign team Echo Fox coach Simon released an intriguing tweets: an interesting rumor: EDG quoted $4 million to Faker". This sparked a heated debate in the Reddit users: Reddit friends DiabeticUnicorns said: after rumors of Faker to the Chinese Club offer 40 million. When provoked waves of dust, Faker rumors of the effectiveness of China has passed a year. This year is estimated to be most likely to come to LPL Faker effectiveness of the year. LOL Grand Slam, took all the titles. It is also the gold. After all, the Korean club can not afford a very high price. But Faker doesn’t seem to care too much about money, and from all the media coverage, Faker’s impression of me is that he’s a guy who likes to play the league. He doesn’t have a very expensive taste, and he doesn’t have any interest in the League (he doesn’t even buy skin). He doesn’t have any reason to leave SKT for money, it seems that unless he has a reason to play the game, he won’t go anywhere, especially after he just won the S6 Championship again. If there is a reason, he may want to try something new, but it doesn’t look like Faker Reddit users Awric said: I think, the only one that will allow Faker to leave SKT to join the organization, can only be " SM entertainment ". (Editor: SM Entertainment Co., Ltd is a large project artists and brokers, TVXQ, Junior, SNSD, Super EXO and other Asian days are the artists.) Reddit Hongfang said: "I think the Faker will not leave Leehom Obama and treat the bromance that they establish is priceless. For China we are for the whole class of game player, "is more persistent doped with nationalism, and desire for victory. Through this game can also be found in S6, LPL division and the rest of the world division there is still a great distance, and the causes of the gap are diverse, and I am afraid not simply "off South Korea’s" can be solved. ( integrated gaming)相关的主题文章:

Voltaire philosopher who can’t lie is not a good lover

Voltaire: the philosopher who doesn’t lie is not a good lover. [Abstract] Voltaire is a man who has a strong vanity, a hard mouth and a smart job. He thinks he is a outstanding genius, no one can do nothing to him, but really want to do what he is, know how to protect themselves. According to Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu: these names often appear in for having heard it many times, our high school textbooks, they are called "Enlightenment philosopher". With a long fluffy curls, dull facial expressions, tight shirt collar…… They invented the separation of the three powers, advocated rationalism, resistance to religious oppression in the middle ages…… Our understanding of them seems to have ended here. But in fact the enlightenment is always accompanied by controversy, it is from the French Revolution so close to the philosophers once regarded as the cause of the bloody culprit; after World War II, Rousseau was regarded as a source of totalitarian thought. However, in the American historian Peter · Gaye view, enlightenment is an important factor in the creation of modern western democracy. Recently Peter · Gaye s works of "age of enlightenment" published, we intend to stop by independent journalists clouds retreat look back to that era, through some means the life side re looked at them, such as Montesquieu’s eye, Voltaire is keen on Holzer Bach’s mistress, Newton of the circle of friends, Diderot’s letters. If you have a new understanding of them, even if only a little bit, but also a happy thing. Yesterday pushed the Montesquieu: I and who are not fighting, who and I argue that I disdain, today to write this article to push the Voltaire. "Look, isn’t that Voltaire?" Sure enough is him. One September 1749 morning, Voltaire was seen sitting in the white stone steps, her face in her hands, trembling. He is easy to shake, weak constitution makes him even in the summer are very easy to feel cold, the servants busy firewood for him; but today, Voltaire trembling down two lines of clear tears, messy gray hair was hanging out from his finger joints. He was crying for mrs.. The lady with his amphibious flying has been fifteen years, in order to Voltaire, her husband and a son and daughter are thrown into the side. In 1733, Voltaire because of a "philosophical letters" to the court, escaped from Paris, I want to find a temporary place, who knows suddenly met Mrs. chatelet. Beauty ah! How can we refuse such a person? I want a lamp, but get a sun – he would have left such a famous saying, but unfortunately, the head of the table. Voltaire this man, vanity is very strong, very hard mouth, while doing things very clever. He thinks he is a outstanding genius, no one can do nothing to him, but really want to do what he is, know how to protect themselves. His books are published anonymously, at that time, in principle, even if the book style shows that certain Voltaire’s book, the government doesn’t prosecute him. Another of his other works, the dictionary of philosophy, was anonymous. In his later years, he wrote to a friend, "I never want to hear anyone say that this book was written by me". He said that this book is a collective creation, it is necessary to bear the responsibility of everyone together.相关的主题文章: