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Car sharing into behind, network security how to resist the enemy? Sohu technology, according to Autocar recently reported that Ford in 2016, the United States Las Vegas modified car parts Exhibition (SEMA) on the release of a new smart phone APP – Ford performance APP (Ford Performance App). The APP with the latest Ford entertainment system Sync 3 is connected to the telemetry, data analysis, and has a variety of different recording methods, including adding line layout, virtual instrument and statistical data for the video, then through social media to share with friends can be transmitted to the line, notebook or on the computer. The performance of Ford global director Dave Pericak said, the APP is designed to enable customers to share the operable way to capture the route, the biggest advantage is that it is able to track the route, and easily share data footprint with friends, but in small series, will also be the biggest loophole. As we know, with the network function gradually in the car or popularity has become standard, and the system has become the current car driving master guide, standard basic reach L2 level (part of Automation), network security is facing the biggest crisis of car networking in the development of the occasion. Internet security company Covata CEO Trent · (Trent Telford) Telford said: "a cruel reality is that network security even caused many manufacturers attention. Manufacturers will eventually pay more attention to network security, but for the current generation of Internet users, it may be too late." Obviously, this is the fact that many manufacturers more intent on self driving and car networking, security and defense in this research is very little, and the introduction of such as using a mobile phone as a door key to prevent network security is palliatives. In the face of the huge market temptation, many manufacturers are mostly in charge as the main means, while ignoring the attack and defeat the power of defense and logistics forces. Although we know that big data service can make the car more flexible and social, but on autopilot will replace the artificial driving in the future, the network security has become a fatal point of maximum, one of the biggest factors which is not tolerated by the world. Take things as a precedent, according to the industry is expected to 2020 there will be up to 30 billion devices connected to the Internet, all of these devices are vulnerable to hacker attacks, such as manned tools as the main purpose of the car if it was attacked by a hacker will do? The reality of the case has given the answer, but fortunately no malicious breach of the vehicle system, otherwise it will cause greater social panic. For network security problems, can only rely on defense. Because the vehicle needs real-time against cyber attacks, so network security solutions must identify the malicious message, and to prevent the spread of in vehicle network, and network threats are dynamic in nature, so network security solutions need to wirelessly update, to help the team threat and the new attack methods to prevent. In fact, it is essential to look at the real time to attack the source of the network and suppress the spread, but also the existence of repair vulnerabilities and eradication.相关的主题文章: