Bob Dylan , a young man who wrote poems to his ears at the age of seventy

Bob Dylan   a seventy year old young people give ear Poetry — fashion — on the evening of 13, American singer songwriter, artist and writer Bob? Dylan won this year’s Nobel prize for literature, for its "American traditional songs created a new poetic expression". To be familiar with people who don’t even know Dylan, even if you’ve seen Dylan concert may also and not look alike, Dylan is always a hard to get strangers; for only familiar with the young Dylan who, even Dylan to sing some songs, you may also be because they are beyond recognition Dylan is good at keep yourself at a loss, has become a new stranger. Frowning, broken Gong throat, Bruce harmonica…… He is constantly changing, and the complicated personal independence of conduct, from Minnesota, young people have profoundly changed the face of music, and then change the tone of the culture and people’s way of thinking. Obama Bob? Dylan awarded the medal of freedom in February 10, 2010, President Obama and his wife Michel at the White House held a memorial concert of the human rights movement, also invited Bob Dylan to sing? "Times have changed". However, Bob? Dylan is still not in rehearsal, personal independence of conduct, even the day of the concert and the couple media links are not interested in any pictures. Obama said that the only interaction between the two was a formal handshake and a smile from Dylan. "If he does something else, he’s not Bob," said Dylan." Obama is buying non mainstream Dylan account, is his loyal fans". In an interview, Obama told the "rolling stone" magazine co-founder Jann Wenner, Dylan’s song is a high rate of play on iPod songs. He said: "compared to fashion and music, I seem to be more attracted to those songs, when heard Bob? Dylan, the rolling stones, Davies miles?. These are enduring, i." In addition to Obama, former president of the United States, Clinton also very much appreciate the. In 1997, at the Kennedy Center for performing arts, he presented him as an honorary member of the center for the performance of the ceremony, and praised the contribution of the "national conscience" by Mr. Clinton, who praised him as a member of the center for the Performing Arts in the center of the performing arts of the year by the center for the performing arts of the United States, which was awarded by the center for the Performing Arts in the year of the center for the performing arts of the United States in the year of". (commissioning editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Li?) who is Bob Dylan? He is the real "non mainstream" in 1961, with respect to the person’s life, is a year so far, that is Bob? Dylan started the red hot, half a century ago. The greatest cultural symbols, folk rock godfather, anti war hero, music legend…… For such a legend, people give a lot of labels. In 1961, just over twenty a sentimental guy decided to drop out of school to set foot on the journey to New York is free, he will find the "father of the ballad" Woody cover three?. This is not the world Master Minnesota, Bob Dylan?. Dylan, the first album, "the birth of Bob," was born in 1962, after the first album, "the cover of the ”, was discovered by legendary producer, sir, De De De – Haman, on. The whole album has a strong cover相关的主题文章: