BMW recalled some of the imported BMW M5 and M6 defective cars – China Network

BMW to recall some of the imported BMW M5 and M6 defect car – Beijing Beijing in September 1, according to the quality inspection administration website news, recently, BMW (China) automobile trade limited company to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan will since September 1, 2016, some of the imported production part of the imported recall September 4, 2014 to October 29, 2014 during the production of BMW from September 5, 2014 to November 26, 2014 during the M5 and the BMW M6 car. According to the company’s statistics, a total of 13 vehicles in mainland china. The recall of vehicles within the scope of the supplier due to errors in the production process, the individual vehicle transmission shaft welding defects. After long-term use, the drive shaft may be damaged, in some cases, may be broken, the vehicle will lose the forward propulsion, which increases the possibility of vehicle traffic accidents, there are security risks. BMW (China) Auto Trade Co., Ltd. will be free for the recall of vehicles within the scope of inspection of the transmission shaft, the defective transmission shaft, free replacement, to eliminate defects.相关的主题文章: