Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet Himalaya Mountain and the wind blows

Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet Himalaya Mountain "and the wind blows" Tibet Himalaya Mountain "and the wind blows" [comment] equinox has gone, the plateau is getting cold, Dr. Wu Junxi of Tibet plateau pratacultural Engineering Technology Research Center, is still running in the Tibetan Plateau to the fields, see gratifying the grass, he nodded and smiled, seems to forget the years running in the Naqu and Shigatse high altitude wilderness hardships and Laughton. The same period [] (Tibet plateau pratacultural engineering technology research center researcher, Dr. Wu Junxi) this year, we will let (Shigatse city) Panam County grass breeding cooperatives to GA Xiang with their people, to grow, so the side while doing their training, they are constantly improve their level of grass. [comment] in September, the reporter with Dr. Wu Junxi drove to Nirvana Kangma county is located in the north foot of the Himalaya Range as a pile of Township, there was a vast expanse of the desert grass back, because there is no green grass and exceptionally desolate land. Today, the vast wasteland into rolling "green sea" that is, local farmers planted thousands of acres of grass, in the "roof of the world" show bright prospects for disaster relief, grass grass and livestock, living here in Himalaya "shepherd" is no longer afraid of winter. The same period [] (such as Nirvana Kangma County Township Mayor Don Juwanga heap) our entire dam ditch inside the area (in) our village area of sixteen thousand acres, and now it is a mu of hay (yield) if one thousand to two thousand pounds, and now we all like Nie Dui Xiang (mu) barley yield (only) three hundred and fifty pounds (about 770 yuan per mu), the US (grass) as a pillar industry of precise poverty, so the next step (for) the successful completion of the precise poverty and lay a good foundation. [comment] Tibet Kangma County, with an average altitude of 4500 meters, and Bhutan yishanzhige. Animal husbandry based plateau farmers and herdsmen live here for generations. Nirvana as Dui Xiang because of high altitude, barren land, fragile ecosystem, grassland degradation is serious, every winter snow disaster prone, because cattle can not resist cold and hunger after death, this is not rich on the local farmers and herdsmen is undoubtedly one disaster after another. The same period [] (director of Kangma County Animal Husbandry Bureau Rabbah Roger) this artificial grass (project) before the implementation of the entire area of grassland (growth) is especially poor, now (by construction) fence to take some protective measures, but the (grass) was still not ideal. [comment] in recent years, the city of Shigatse and the Kangma county agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Lhasa Academy of agriculture and China ecological experimental station (Tibet plateau pratacultural Engineering Technology Research Center), Tibet 100 green grass Technology Co. company cooperation, the successful introduction of suitable for high altitude, high quality and high yield in planting forage — green grass, while providing fertilizer the soil, grass planting, field management, harvesting and forage grass product processing and a full set of solutions and full technical guidance services for local people, and their local farmers work in the fields, from species to close to solve a problem, promote the Kangma County as well as the city of Shigatse to achieve the scale of grassland Road相关的主题文章: