Beijing obstetrician went to Afghanistan only a tear to live meaningful beself

Beijing obstetrician went to Afghanistan: only through a tear to live meaningful – recently, a video on the Internet attracted a lot of attention. In the video, a doctor working in Beijing, gave up an enviable job, won the understanding and support of his family, became a doctors without borders, to in the flames of war Afghanistan, a maternity hospital in the local care lack of medical assistance to pregnant women. 25 afternoon, Jiang Li sat opposite the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, tells her to become an international aid doctor’s story, she said she was risking to Afghanistan, to live more meaningful". Obstetric doctor guide into senior Jiang Lai is Zhejiang Lishui, graduated from the medical department of Peking university. In 2006, she began working in obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Peking University People’s Hospital, she decided to go to Afghanistan, from the people’s Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a senior doctor. 2007 Peking University People’s hospital doctor Zheng Tu, became the first mainland China participated in the MSF action of rescue personnel. Zheng Tu’s destination is Liberia in West Africa, she conducted a rescue operation in the first half of the year. Zheng Tu after returning home, was an intern Jiang Li from her that sounds like a story. In Liberia, one day Zheng Tu work ready to ride back to the dormitory, met an old man kept knocking on the window. Open the window, the old man told Tu Zheng, today she has just saved his daughter’s life. The language barrier, Zheng Tu cannot understand the old man’s words, but such gratitude, beyond the language barrier. Jiang was moved by the story. 5 years later, Jiang Licheng, the people’s hospital obstetric physician, she felt that she had the ability to pass the interview, she quit her job in the hospital, so as to become a doctor without borders. A colleague Jiang Li told reporters BYD, for Jiang Li, colleagues envy also admire, we start from the medicine to the medical oath, regardless of what the object is, to try to rescue, to let everyone can enjoy medical services. Jiang was attending reed, career on track, but she can in order to help more people, especially some can not accept medical services, risk too much, we know it is very shocked, very admire." Born in Khost maternity hospital neonatal hospital doctor to resign in Afghanistan China resigned to become a Doctors Without Borders Jiang excitation soon get a mission to Afghanistan in late March 2013 in Khost maternity hospital, providing medical services for local pregnant women. This is not a simple task, 2013, MSF surveyed 800 patients and caregivers in the project site, in the past 12 months, about every one in 5 is because the medical service has not caused death of relatives and friends. Of the 3 people in the group, the average daily cost of living is only $1, compared with $40 for the local average of $two. In obstetrics, according to WHO’s statistics, in 2011 the local maternal mortality rate was 10 per 460, pearl相关的主题文章: