Battle mushroom Japanese producer the 2 dimension is overrated

"Fight" Japanese producer: Mushroom Jun 2 yuan is overvalued and not all Japanese games will emphasize on the two dimension, and the mother of CV and so on is the icing on the cake of things, "the two dimension" culture is too much in China, the kernel is the focus of the game. "Fight" mushroom Jun Jing Ping Chuan Japanese producers mentioned: Japanese game design RPG as the core, more suitable for most of the game player Chinese gaming habits.   Sichuan very flat crystal innocence, the posture of Meng Da authorized by the Japanese classic MMORPG Mobile Games "sword and Magic Kingdom – the ancient goddess" officially renamed the "genuine," the king’s fight mushroom dress version in early October in the whole channel line. This "Ganso level" Japanese RPG game has nine consecutive months of the invasion of Japan App Store and Google Play ten bestsellers. Compared to the dependence of picture and CV’s "two dimension" of the game, more reduction of RPG core gameplay, strong Japanese adventure story, deep MMO interactive experience, are distinctive characteristics of the Mobile Games China game market impact. Today, for some issues of concern to everyone of the two dimensions of culture, "the Japanese producer Chuan Jing Ping Jun" fight mushrooms and some part of the answer in an interview. What do you think is the reason why you can get a double list in the Japanese market? Shimokawa Akihira: I think in the design of this product, specifically for the mobile platform in the limit of the various elements of the MMORPG has been optimized, this is the biggest reason for success. The use of the vertical screen play, one hand can also be easily operated. Taking into account the limitations of the phone screen size, the battle log, target positioning, etc., to avoid, and strive to achieve accurate information within the game. The simple but important and so on many kinds of adjustment from quantitative to qualitative change, finally obtained the affirmation of the market. Japanese players are very fond of these intimate design, the game experience will be very happy. Japan’s best-selling Mobile Games, in China called "fight" a lot of game player Chinese mushroom Jun we all love Japanese anime, light novel, they claimed to be the two element of the user, in your opinion, the word two dimensional accuracy? Shimokawa Akihira: I understand to be the equivalent of Japan said "otaku", China otaku for animation, games and other works like ACG is more pure and more extreme, they can be pulled out around the entire net worth to buy their own idols. A part of the game is the two dimension of Acg culture, the "two dimension" is a relatively vague and complicated concepts.   amazing collection of Japanese otaku do you think "fight" is a mushroom king for two dimensional game player in the game? The product itself is not enough for the two dimension? Shimokawa Akihira: in fact, we did not specifically targeted to join the two elements. The battle system has exciting, as well as the depth of the story, should be enough to make the two dimension has been fully meet user. Because the richness of the world and the story itself is a very important part. The blood of the teenagers adventure and conquer in the different world, you have with the blessing of the goddess, I think you will write a game player in the game only.相关的主题文章: