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Authoritative interpretation of the United States: why children do not listen to shout – Sohu maternal and child 9 points, it is time to sleep!" Is crazy kids see you one eye, despite continued playing selfishly. "Sleep time! You can’t play anymore." You endure the heart uncomfortable and emphasized it again, but the children still like didnt hear. "Baby, mom told you not to play, to sleep." You have the patience to walk past, and then wait for a minute, the child is still a little action is not, laughing and holding the hands of toys continue to play non-stop. Finally, you can no longer bear the anger of the heart, walked over, grabbed a toy in the hands of the baby, roared, "mom told you that the time to sleep, you hear it?" Your move frightened the child, he looked at you nervously, then the line of sight on the transfer to the toy up, stretched out his hand, ready to take the toy back from your hand. You put a toy behind him, holding his hand and asked, "what did your mother say to you? Time is up, it’s time to go to sleep, do you hear me?" He frowned, his face was wrong, but still did not go to bed action. You little one to put the toys mercilessly throw the ground, like a chicken like a child picked up, ablaze with anger said: "at the time, the bed!" The child "hullabaloo ~ ~" into tears, hands pat beat, kicked two feet mission. You tried to hold him, for fear of accidentally did not hold steady fall while he said angrily: "what cry crying, call you sleep you sleep, do it every day!" He cried even more loudly, angrily you threw him into the room, shut the door, who ignores, let him stop crying, until falling asleep…… A similar scene in life does not happen often? Most of the time, you agree with the children in advance, as well as 30 minutes to eat, play the phone will be closed for 10 minutes, you must go to bed at 8. You said that when children are promised to be good, but at the time, as you follow, the child is not ignored, finally evolved into between mother and child yell. The same scene continues to play, you and the children are exhausted, why children will not abide by the agreement? Why "time to" this sentence to the child no effect? Let’s listen to the video click on the bottom of authority from the United States 0-5 years clinical mental health counselor Eva Benmeleh Roditi doctor’s watch down down down many children feel their parents set a time limit, is because they are too noisy, mom and dad want to be quiet for a while, they are troubled, think they are not highly regarded, especially those under the age of 2, has no expression ability or expression ability of the poor baby. Some children hear their mother say "time is up" and think they are bad children. So this time, mother must be patient. Patient support and patient acceptance. Children need the most is the patient parents accompany. If you want the child to cooperate, you can set a time person相关的主题文章: