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Irregular menstruation will affect pregnancy Not allowed to notice the mummy! Sohu – soulseek

Irregular menstruation will affect pregnancy? Not allowed to notice the mummy! – Sohu mothers and children in our lives, there are some mothers have been faced with the problem of pregnancy. There are many reasons for the preparation of pregnancy, however, there may be people do not know, abnormal menstruation will affect pregnancy oh! Not many Mommy because of their physical quality, working environment, diet, personality and other aspects are different, leading to different degree of symptoms such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menstruation or menstrual delay, advance ovulation bleeding, menstrual blood clots, too much or too little and so on, and often do not be concerned. In general, if you do not affect the work, learning life, not Mommy will not take the initiative to accept the timely and effective treatment, so after there is likely to lead to infertility. The so-called law, refers to the normal menstruation, menstrual cycle of 30 days, 5 days after menstruation, red color, with a moderate amount, no abnormal blood clots, no severe abdominal pain, backache and other symptoms. Ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy, the mysterious relationship between the 1, there is no menstruation is not necessarily representative of ovulation? 3 Normal mother’s menstrual cycle is generally 28 to 30 days, but some people in the cycle of the period of 22 ~ 40 days, is also considered normal. Menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy, there is a very close relationship between the three, ovulation is generally cyclical changes, resulting in periodic menstruation. 2, irregular menstruation represents the possibility of successful pregnancy is very low? The ovulation can cause pregnant women in general, ovarian in the hypothalamic pituitary ovary axis under the action of the ovarian follicular growth, generally not Mommy ranked only one egg every month after ovulation, the ovarian secretion of estrogen and progesterone, estrogen is generated before ovulation, ovulation after both have estrogen progesterone. In the early stages of ovulation, the follicle becomes larger and larger, and finally the follicle is expelled from the ovary. The eggs will be discharged by the fallopian tube umbrella ‘caught’ to meet with sperm oviduct (out of fallopian tube after spreading the fallopian tube spread to the fallopian tube), sperm and egg in the fallopian tube through the cervix and uterus meet fertilized embryos after fertilization, and then gradually moved to the uterine cavity in bed, finally the growth of pregnancy in October delivery. 3, if you want to normal pregnancy, then to ensure that menstruation and ovulation in what state? With the change of ovulation, endometrial changes inside the uterine cavity changesperiodically, estrogen stimulation in the endometrium from thin to thick, liquid in the secretion of progesterone stimulation, endometrial exfoliation without hemorrhage form menstruation occurs the absence of progesterone, if pregnant uterus will not fall at the thick endometrial is fetal growth and development of the "fertile soil". The signal causes infertility menstruation, menstrual blood clots, irregular menstruation! Are all irregular menstruation will lead to infertility? Is not caused by irregular menstruation infertility, but the female body has a certain or several causes of menstrual irregularities infertility. The menstrual disorder with the disorder of egg formation is accompanied by a slight decrease in menstrual volume and menstrual.相关的主题文章:

2016 Hurun rich list after the release, Yan Hao Wang Qicheng – the strong performance of Sohu fifa14下载

"Hu Run rich list" released 2016 80, Yan Hao Wang Qicheng – the strong performance of Sohu review (October 31, 2016, Shanghai) following the October 13th release of "2016 garden city forest in Malaysia? Hu Run rich list" (Forest City? Hurun Rich List 2016), the Hu Run Research Institute today released one of "Hu Run’s list of top 2016 Hu Run 80 rich list", this is the Hu Run Institute, the first official release of this list, including the "rich list" and "start empty-handed 80 80 inherited wealth rich list" of two parts, the deadline for the August 15, 2016 list of wealth calculation. 68 80 entrepreneurial wealth reached 2 billion yuan and above, boarded the "2016 garden city forest? Hurun", 12 more than last year. The 21 is the start empty-handed. Hu Run chairman and chief researcher Hu Run said: "the first generation entrepreneurs, honesty and diligence are the most important factors of entrepreneurship, but for these 80 entrepreneurs, innovation, integration of resources and speed is the most important." "Rich list" – 80 start empty-handed 21 80 successful entrepreneurs on the list, 5 more than last year. Total wealth of 159 billion 500 million, the average wealth of 7 billion 600 million. Yu Woo – handing the 36 year old Wang Qicheng and 35 year old Wu Yan and his wife became one of the richest tycoons to start empty-handed 80 24 billion 500 million. Wu Yan is also the only female entrepreneurs on the list. The second is Xinjiang 36 year old Wang Tao, the wealth of 24 billion yuan; again is a 33 year old drops Chengwei and good future of the 36 year old Zhang Bangxin, the wealth of 13 billion yuan respectively. The average age of 34, among them, 30 year old science and technology vocabulary section Wei became the youngest 80 start empty-handed rich, followed by automobile parts of the century Huatong 31 year old Shao Heng and public comment on the 31 year old Zhang Xuhao. No 90". Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou is a gathering place for young entrepreneurs. Beijing 80 start empty-handed s most, 7; followed by Shanghai and Shenzhen, with 4 people; once again, Hangzhou, 3; Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shaoxing each have 1 people. It is worth mentioning that, Xiamen has become the cradle of entrepreneurial projects. The basic work in the IT industry. In this year’s list of the number of the largest increase in financial investment in the industry, 80 start empty-handed list only strong and micro credit network Jiuding Wu Yao wang. Source: "2016 garden city forest? Hurun" Cheng Wei had worked at the Alibaba for eight years. Founded in 2012, small orange science and technology, launched a mobile phone taxi drops taxi software. Last year, drops taxi and fast taxi strategy merger, drops taxi renamed as drops travel". In June this year, the number of trips to complete a new round of actual total up to 50 billion of equity financing. In August, the acquisition of Uber china. Liu Chuanzhi, daughter of the current president of the president of the trickle trip, Liu Qing. Didi platform has more than 15 million drivers, but recently proposed about the provisions of the car management regulations on the impact of the bill bit bit相关的主题文章:

Martha Lahti, President of the 2017 car Quattroporte China first – China Network

Martha Lahti, 2017 president of car QUATTROPORTE Chinese first – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, 2 days, Martha Lahti introduced the 2017 Quattroporte sedan at the Chengdu auto show, the official guide price of RMB 1 million 460 thousand. The new Quattroporte president car on the basis of the Essence Standard Edition, and another GranLusso luxury edition and GranSport sports edition. 2017 cars from the president of the vehicle’s appearance, interior style, the control performance and driving technology on the large face in the sixth generation on the basis of the president". In the design, the new Quattroporte CEO car up to 12 updates. Updates include: a new grille chrome strip, a new front bumper design, new design, new rear bumper bumper, side skirts, a new radiator decoration rearview mirror design, new design, new hub new rear diffuser design, the new bumper wing (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), a new brake caliper (deluxe version of the sport, the new edition), mark decoration (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition) and Trident blue interior design (Deluxe Edition). The new front grille design is the core component reflected the identity of Martha Lahti, inspired by the Alfieri concept car, the significant edges in the vision is more ferocious. The new design of the chrome bars, in contrast with the rich depth of shark nose effect. This design has appeared in Martha Lahti’s latest Levante SUV models. Other notable features of the new Quattroporte president sedan includes a matte black side skirt and a rear view mirror, the latter also slightly changed to match the new technology and equipment. In the interior, the new Quattroporte president car up to 11 interior upgrades. The upgrade includes: new rearview mirror and new original console, mobile phone shell storage space, the new control knob, new pedal (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), new steering wheel decoration (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), sports seats (Sport), carbon fiber (Sport), shift paddles piano black trim (Sport), three optional carbon fiber details (Sport), RADICA wood (Deluxe Edition) and three special Zegna interior combination (Deluxe Edition). The new car is equipped with a new infotainment system, using a high resolution 8.4 inch multi touch display, but also has a compatible apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone image features. The middle and lower part of the console has been redesigned, equipped with a knob controller, volume and infotainment system functions can be achieved through the operation knob. Martha Lahti also provides a level of customization by the launch of the new GranLusso GranSport Deluxe Edition and sports version of decoration, rich materials for customers to choose: including wood, carbon fiber, high-end leather, Alcantara material and leather and color contrast effect of fine suture. Customized for the GranLusso luxury models Jeni.相关的主题文章:

The prime minister’s visit to the micro lens from Zhengzhou to Bishkek, the Prime Minister of the SC masa-c

The prime minister’s visit to the micro lens: from Zhengzhou to Bishkek, "the prime minister" a blueprint for Beijing, a year ago the Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center, the prime minister Keqiang initiative on the Shanghai cooperation organization to build six cooperation platform is still in the ear. Today, the State Guesthouse in Bishkek Conference Center is located at the foot of the right alar Canyon, the prime minister Keqiang proposed six for every phrase a gem, the future development of the sco. 3 days morning local time, the prime minister Keqiang member governments of the SCO summit in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek (Prime Minister) the fifteenth meeting of the council. From Zhengzhou to Bishkek, from the six platform to the six recommendations, the prime minister Keqiang regional cooperation mechanism of the China by painting the blueprint of development, for 15 years past the SCO to plan for the future. [six] to the recommendations from the six platform to create a safe and stable environment to build the integrated development pattern, mining innovation cooperation opportunities to enhance the level of cooperation from the capacity to improve, from regional financing mechanism to lay a solid foundation of cultural exchanges, the prime minister Keqiang six suggestions and directions for future development of the sco. In fact, these six proposals in December last year has now taken shape. The prime minister Keqiang in Henan Zhengzhou held a session of the SCO "prime minister" is put forward, the SCO should focus on building six cooperation platform: build a strong security cooperation platform, build capacity, accelerate the construction of cooperation platform interoperability cooperation platform, innovative financial cooperation platform, platform construction, regional trade cooperation to build social collaboration platform. It is not difficult to see that the six platform six recommendations and then today is the same, the former is the continuation and development. Summed up, not only to deepen security cooperation in this line of work, but also open up the economic integration of the "new world", let the SCO in pragmatic cooperation in security and "two wheel drive" go faster and more stable. [time] "prescription" in the "prime minister", from said that work with all parties to do feasibility study on FTA to put forward specific initiatives to promote regional trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, China releases continue to promote pragmatic cooperation in the SCO’s clear signal. At present, the weakness of the recovery of the world economy, as one falls, another rises of regional hotspot issues, the SCO member countries generally face downward pressure on the economy, in the field of security also meets many challenges. In this context, how to make the SCO to play a greater role in promoting regional security and stability, how to make its contribution to regional prosperity and development of greater strength, become a great subject in front of each member. Six platforms and six suggestions is timely, including production cooperation, strategic docking, financial cooperation, trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, new ideas and new ways, will inject new impetus to move forward for the SCO, and better for the benefit of the public. [fifteen] load starting again in order to safeguard peace, security and stability in the region is set up 15 years ago, the original intention of the sco. Compared with 15 years ago, the world economy, geopolitics has undergone profound changes. Today’s regional security situation is more complex and severe, the need for countries to carry out closer cooperation in security; economic development momentum weakened,相关的主题文章:

Russian troops in the disputed islands to discuss including airborne or

Russian troops in the disputed islands to discuss: or include airborne data figure: Medvedev in the South Kuril Islands (Japan called the four northern islands) in the island country after the inspection. Xinhua news agency, the Russian original title: Russian troops in the disputed islands to discuss: or include airborne Reference News Network August 31 foreign media reported that the Russian Defense Ministry in the finance committee secretary of defense Sergei · in the South Kuril Islands garrison were discussed under the auspices of Shoigu. According to Itar TASS reported on 23 August, the Defense Department spokesman said: "according to the schedule, the executive committee will combine the troops in the South Kuril Islands, the prospect of progress in the implementation of 2016 to 2020 to discuss the eastern military action plan and airborne action plan." The missile attack warning system will also be discussed during the meeting. The Defense Department said: "in addition, schedule also includes the problems of police organization to determine the project Department of defense standard etc.." The leaders of the armed forces, the organs of state power and social organizations will attend the meeting. (compile He Yingjun)相关的主题文章: