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Apple may launch in 2017 5.2 inch, 5.5 inch version two OLED iPhone- technology [Technews] Sohu Science News "science news" quoted the previous supply chain news that apple in 2017 iPhone product line will be determined by using OLED, and to launch a new 5.8 inch iPhone, as OLED exclusive models next year. However, a report recently released by KGI, it is talking about another OLED deployment route. KGI report pointed out that the current size of the OLED version of the main reasons why there are two kinds of speculation, one is the upstream supply chain spread out of the 5.8 inches, a downstream supply chain pointed out that the 5.2 inch. KGI believes that these two claims may not conflict, because Apple orders OLED is actually soft. Based on the new design of iPhone 8, Apple may have been a 5.8 inch OLED panel concave fold, close, and eventually become a new design about 5.2 inches. 2017 – iPhone product line. (Source: Science News System) and the previous "technology news" news is similar, KGI also believes that the 2017 iPhone product line in addition to the 5.2 inch OLED, will push for 4.7 and 5.5 inch models appeared in succession, just out of the supply chain into consideration, these two models will maintain the current LCD screen design change range is less than the OLED version, similar to the current iPhone 7, but the case from Aluminum Alloy into the glass, and the specifications will be more than the OLED version difference. "Science news" sources also pointed out that due to the current apple OLED version in 2017 the amount of stock is raised to 90 million, so do not rule out the OLED version of iPhone may have two, in addition to KGI pointed out that the 5.2 inch OLED models, 5.5 inch, which is now the iPhone 7 Plus, may also be adjusted to the OLED version and re design. Because of the curved design, the original apple to order the OLED panel will be relatively large, but also because of the edge and cut 2 to 3 inches. Sources also said that 5.2 inches and 5.5 inches OLED new machine, will be equipped with dual lens. It is worth mentioning that Samsung’s flagship machine next spring Galaxy S8 is expected to be placed under the screen fingerprint identification, and the use of 5.8, 6.2 inches two models. Similar to the rumored new design of iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 could also significantly increase the area of the glass and continue with the surface design. Note: Samsung’s fingerprint sensor supplier may be Synaptics. (source: Apple homepage) read newspaper相关的主题文章: