Aetos non US overnight a feather the United States in September is expected to raise interest rates

AETOS: non US overnight a feather the United States in September is expected to raise interest rates or repeat clients to view the latest market news International Monetary Fund [micro-blog] (micro-blog IMF[) warned in the semi annual report, emerging economies and developing economies have mid risk, especially in Europe, Japan and China. But IMF points out that emerging economies are less stressed. Higher commodity prices and the recent decline in China’s uncertainty is the main reason. Reuters said that the U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly recorded 43 years lows, and is the eighty-third consecutive week at an important juncture of 300 thousand people, the data show that the job market is stable, may support the Fed rate hike this year; employment growth situation is slow, but the job market still absorbed many new occupation. U.S. Treasury yields rose to a three week high on Thursday, investors may be preparing for the release of strong employment report on Friday, the market believes that a good employment report will imply that the Federal Reserve next raise interest rates. Index of 10 year bonds fell 732, yields 1.74% higher than 1.72% late Wednesday, hit from Friday 1.54% rebound. The U.S. Treasury Department said Thursday, next week will auction a total of $56 billion coupon bonds, including a $24 billion three year bonds, $20 billion and $12 billion in the 10 year treasury bond period of 30 years. Thursday the U.S. stock market basically go flat, the Dow Jones industrial index Thursday fell 10.68 points, or 0.06%, at 18270.35 points; the S & P 500 index Thursday closed up 1.15 points, or 0.05%, at 2160.88 points; the NASDAQ [micro-blog] index Thursday fell 8.77 points, or 0.16%, at 5307.25 points. EUR USD analysis: the European Central Bank [micro-blog] on Thursday announced the September meeting minutes show that the interest rate policy makers agree that the euro zone economy needs to continue to support monetary policy, and pointed out that the underlying inflation did not show signs of recovery. On September 7-8 ECB meeting showed: keep a large monetary support is crucial, the central bank forecast include the monetary support; there is no doubt that the management committee has decided to carry out the past has decided to purchase assets at the same time, if necessary, will take further measures to achieve the goal of maintaining price stability. Meeting minutes also show that the board should not be too much affected by the market expectations, and reiterated that if necessary, the central bank has the ability and willingness to use all the tools; management committee can at any time to adjust the QE parameters to achieve the desired size of the European central bank executive committee Cole said at the meeting, the implementation of low interest rates pose a challenge for the future QE. Executive Committee Triplett said at the meeting, make any adjustments must consider the effectiveness of monetary policy on QE. European stock markets fell Thursday, the STOXX 600 index rose after the opening on Thursday, down 0.4%, the continuation of yesterday’s decline. Method CAC shares index was down 0.22%, Germany DAX stock index fell 0.16%. Technology analysis.相关的主题文章: