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Abstract: in the WeChat platform impromptu comments: BAT should stick to the spirit of the Internet and the value of Sohu technology "special note: Criticism of Tencent is not a simple negation of Tencent and Ma Huateng" because yesterday wrote an article criticizing the abuse of the WeChat platform, and friends argue for a long time, it is necessary to note several points, avoid deep misunderstanding. Things or to a code, the abuse of monopoly power super Tencent warning platform, therefore does not completely negate the Tencent. For example, we must admit that Ma Huateng in promoting the popularity of China’s Internet, absolutely no one comparable. It can be said that the majority of Chinese Internet users, because of the use of QQ and WeChat driver. Because WeChat, we have no contact for more than 30 years, most of the primary school students are gathered together in a group, this magical power should be grateful to Ma Huateng. An application to drive the national Internet, and only one person Ma Huateng can play this title. Similarly, we attacked Tencent abuse of monopoly is not, does not exclude us strongly support Tencent out of the country, to become a more powerful Internet giant. Problems must be separated from each other. Monopoly power constraints, but also for the healthy development of enterprises. Or in the final analysis, criticism of the Tencent, is that it is better and more responsible. Chinese Internet overall rise, make people proud, but the biggest regret is that these giant BAT is often commercial giant, the spirit and values of the dwarf, not like Wikipedia, Facebook and Google and other Internet Co in the United States, Ming made matching contributions to the spirit of the Internet and the new. The Chinese Internet only to provide more public goods for the global development of the Internet, global Internet penetration and open Chinese contribute more to promote and enhance the strength, to surpass the United States, for the values of the Internet so that the real Chinese dream will be logical. Any enterprise is a complex polyhedron, so the criticism also criticized the different levels of praise, praise, not either this or that, rational man! END WeChat: takes the observation to the featured article recommended相关的主题文章: