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A monkey monkey monkey Kobe Monkey King Gibbons day a flurry of unique sports   – Sohu; since this year is the year of the monkey, the monkey and the natural, the monkey is a very clever animal primates, the arm is very long, good at grabbing and dodge, agility, the animal community of assassins and thieves, very people love. Like people impressed Monkey King Sun Wukong. This program is called the mountain of flowers and fruit, look at the stars play league houquan, is not a monkey’s aura and style. Since it is the first look at the monkey arms, followed by the swift, finally see the aura. Such as Leonard, Kevin, with Durant, Ioannis adetokunbo – Alphabet Song of this guy, of course is a type of gibbons, they are wiry, wasp waist long hand knee, monkey arm, ran up the three steps to kill off the half break only drible. Can a dragon split button. Leonard is known for defense and arms can plug a seven foot Bynum, a "death spiral" reputed arena, steals countless souls under. Durant is 6 feet and 11 inches in the center height, but can the same ball attack outside like back, two long arm in one fell swoop, others can only watch the ball sigh, if coupled with the unique skills of circle for many years without, then even Curitiba Zhan royalty in person, also have to bear all the consequences. Today however arms show the most dramatic, is the famous letter brother strange figure adetokunbo, he always let people have a picture is elongated illusion, run up like an ostrich, 6 foot 9, seven foot wingspan, can dribble swiftly push go by like the wind is a bit fast, control play. Astonishing. However, the most ornamental monkey did not them, but those who Zuantianhou shapely fly or, when Vince Carter a ball in hand, dragon flight, can let the whole stadium sing as long as he knelt down to conquer, riding fast, hovering in the air, violent war axe or volley that the windmill, attitude beauty is really not for who! Even now old, can often talk about the old hair young crazy boy crazy, rushed across the buckle opponent, fists placed in the forehead, trick the handsome and prestige. Now Zach Lavin the bright younger generation last year, dunk king, is simply a crotch windmill kuangmo, no matter from which angle, can swing a perfect leg windmill. Carter successor. However, the real monkey king is a set of aura, wisdom, strength, wild and intractable in one, want to think, only when Peter Pan, the black mamba as Kobe Bryant this praise, he had a Jordan after the best personal technology, fadeaways ballota, also because fly or fly in the basket, the guy. Now his breakthrough in anti buckle, pull rod, long-distance gliding bottom line split button has become personal violence marks and signs, irreplaceable. 耍猴拳长臂猿钻天猴群猴乱舞 科比美猴王世无双-搜狐体育     今年既然是猴年,自然要和猴子有关,猴子是一种极为聪明灵巧的灵长类动物,手臂极长,擅长抢夺和闪避,动作敏捷,那是动物界的刺客和盗贼,非常招人喜欢。就好比人们心中念念不忘的美猴王孙悟空一样。   眼下这个节目就叫做花果山,看看联盟球星们耍耍猴拳,是不是有几分猴子的灵气和风采。既然是猴戏首先看臂展,其次看敏捷,最后看灵气。   如科怀-伦纳德、凯文-杜兰特、字母歌扬尼斯-阿德托昆博这样的家伙,当然就是属于长臂猿类型了,他们一律身材精瘦,蜂腰猿臂,长手过膝,跑起来三步杀过半场,快攻只运一下球就能一条龙劈扣。伦纳德以防守见长,双臂之间可以塞下一个七尺拜纳姆,一招“死亡缠绕”名震江湖,抢断之下无数冤魂。而杜兰特则是6尺11寸的中锋身高,却能像后卫一样持球外线进攻,两只长臂一举,别人只能望球兴叹,如果再加上多年不用的独门绝技大回环,那么即便是库里詹皇亲自来,也得吃不了兜着走。然而今天臂展最夸张的,则是著名的字母哥阿德托昆博,他奇怪的身材比例总让人有着画面被拉长变形的错觉,跑起来像只鸵鸟,6尺9的身高,七尺多的臂展,还能运球风驰电掣一溜烟推快攻,完全就是个控位打法。令人啧啧称奇。   然而最具有观赏性的猴拳表演确实不是他们,而是那些身材匀称飞天遁地的钻天猴们,想当年文斯-卡特一球在手,飞龙在天,能让整个球场跪下来唱征服,只要他单骑快下,空中悬停,暴力战斧或者凌空大风车,那姿态那美感,真是不针对谁!即便是现在老了,也能常常老夫聊发少年狂少年狂,冲进去隔扣对手,双拳摆在前额,耍一耍当年的帅气和威风。如今的后起之秀扎克-拉文,去年的扣篮王,简直就是个胯下风车狂魔,无论从哪个个角度,都能抡出一个完美的胯下换手大风车。堪称卡特接班人。   然而真正的美猴王是集灵气、智慧、力量、桀骜不驯于一体的,想来想起,只有当年的小飞侠、黑曼巴科比布莱恩特当的起这个赞誉,他有着乔丹之后最好的个人技术,后仰跳投美如画,同样也是因为飞天遁地,在篮筐上飞翔的家伙,如今他的突破反扣、底线滑翔拉杆、远距离暴力劈扣已经成了个人的商标和招牌,无可替代。相关的主题文章: