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3 pupils do not admit eating snacks by the headmaster slapped, the headmaster has been removed, 3 primary school students because of morning exercise time to eat small bags of food, the principal found after questioning did not admit, they slapped 3 people. At present, Gao has been removed from the Teaching Affairs Bureau of Liuba county. Recently, a person familiar with the situation, in September 23rd, Liuba County Liu Hou Zhen stone gate 6 complete primary school grade 3 students due to violation of the provisions, eat small food bag in the morning, the headmaster of a high hit 3 people. In October 11th, the China Merchants daily contacted a student’s parents, Mr. zhou. According to him, his children in Grade 6 in primary school on the stone gate completely, September 23rd morning exercises before, and two other classmates in the school to buy school prohibited eating small food bag. "Later, the principal found, in the process of principal inquiry, three people do not admit, the president hit everyone slap." Mr. Zhou said that the hospital inspection is not a big obstacle. After the incident, the Liuba Municipal Bureau of education and relevant departments held special meeting to study and deal with the program, and ordered the president of a high school when facing the parents of students modest, and in the teachers’ meeting on a profound review. At present, Liuba County Bureau of physical education has been removed from a high school principal, Liuba County Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation. The original title is "no recognition of morning exercises, snacks, three students were slapped by the headmaster"

3名小学生不承认吃零食遭校长扇耳光 校长已被免职3名小学生因为早操时间吃袋装小食品,校长发现后询问时均不承认,便扇了3人耳光。目前,高某已被留坝县教体局免职。近日,有知情人称,9月23日,留坝县留侯镇闸口石完全小学6年级3名学生因违反规定,在早操上吃袋装小食品,校长高某打了3人。10月11日,华商报记者联系上一名学生家长周先生。据他介绍,他家小孩在闸口石完全小学上6年级,9月23日早操前,和另外两名同班同学在校外买来学校禁止食用的袋装小食品。“后来被校长发现了,在校长询问的过程中,三人均不承认,校长就打了每人一巴掌。”周先生说,经医院检查并无大碍。事件发生后,留坝县教体局及相关部门召开专门会议研究处理方案,责令校长高某当面向学生家长致谦,并在教师会上深刻检讨。目前,留坝县教体局已免去高某校长职务,留坝县纪委已介入调查。原题为《不承认早操吃零食 三学生遭校长扇耳光》相关的主题文章: