2017 patrol spy photos will be listed in September 28th (video) rewrite攻略�

2017 patrol spy exposure in September 28th will be listed in the off-road enthusiasts in mind, Nissan Patrol has a supreme position, the hardcore off-road vehicle already has 65 years of history, after the evolution of tradition six generation models, recently, Nissan Patrol (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) bring new surprises off-road enthusiasts, a group of 2017 patrol camouflage spy network exposure, it is understood that the new way of music will further enhance the sense of luxury, the new listing time is scheduled for September 28th. 2017 patrol spy photos from the exposure of the spy photos, 2017 patrol appearance continues the style, even with camouflage also can be seen in the overall style, full of a sense of power. The front face of the camouflage, vaguely recognizable way music on behalf of the large grille domineering and dynamic bumper design. Tail and hub camouflage can not see too many changes, speculation is the tail lights and wheels and other details of the update upgrade. 2017 new Nissan Tule super powerful off-road ability show 2017 patrol spy Tule imported models, Dongfeng Nissan. Has been "the most attractive flagship SUV" for the development of the concept, adhering to the "king of the Desert Raider gene and top-level off-road performance, from the automotive industry leading technology, advanced and distinguished increase comfortable and humanistic elements, innovatively enjoy tough off-road and luxury perfect fusion, have peak off-road performance, the distinguished domineering appearance design, magnificent space and world-class technology equipped with four core technology, a comprehensive display of off-road style of the king. With its excellent off-road performance in all areas, across the desert sand top, snow a place where there is no one to challenge. It is equipped with the VK56 V 8 cylinder engine, which provides a full power output of 398 horsepower and a · of 555 cattle. Every time with the joy of travel, can always make adrenaline surge, blood spray. At present, after 65 years of baptism, the six generation of quality heritage, won numerous praise. The car China since entering the market, many domestic off-road enthusiast won the top off-road performance and off-road circle celebrities have involved in the spontaneous way music journey limit challenge, become the way music strength "spokesman". It is understood that the 2016 Patrol has been officially discontinued in September 1st this year, cash models have all been scheduled. Currently, the 2017 has been scheduled for September 28th Le Le listed. Specific new situation, we will continue to focus on. 2017 patrol spy相关的主题文章: