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15+6+4 three air defense artillery loaded this knight! The best is he fry with a game to prove his sina sports news Beijing time on February 25th, Cleveland in the home court with a 114-103 win over Sherlock hornets. Knight new money – ning Frye substitutes for 17 minutes, 9 throws 5, three points 8 hits 4, obtains 15 points, plus 6 backboard. This year’s NBA trade deadline, the first Eastern Cavaliers just completed a transaction, they go to Brazil and get inside Vallejo, who can shoot the three ball number four Channing frye. For this knight champion team, mid season reinforcement should be targeted. That is to say, they get the players should be regarded as an important puzzle title in the process, like last season, shumpert and Mozgov JR. The Cavs need to create more space at the end of the attack, and before the franchise, Kevin, Loew, micro-blog, an outside line player. And because Frye’s height was 2 meters 11, he could be the No. five in a small lineup. The last Cavs attack on the pistons, just through the physical examination of Frye quickly completed the knight’s debut, but his performance is very limited, 3 shot 1 scored 2 points, and Frye on the field obviously did not find the rhythm, both ends of the attack and defense are like this. After the game, Cavaliers coach Lou Lou made it clear that he would give Frye more opportunities in the next game. At the same time, Frye is not worried about his role change in the cavaliers. "It’s not going to be difficult. There are some talented future Hall players." "Offensively, I wouldn’t worry too much," Frye said. I’m going to pay more attention to my defense. I want to make sure that I play with them at the same level, and make sure that they are very clear about the wheel and other things." After a match adaptation, Frye’s state has rebounded significantly. In the match, in the case of the Cavaliers’ first big forward Kevin – Loew offensive feel low, as a substitute for the inside of the fry opened the offensive firepower. He played 17 minutes, 9 shots, 5 shots, three pointers, 8 shots, 4 points, 15 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 steals. You know, until the start of the game, Northrop Frye has not yet joined the Cavs’ practice. Compared with the representative of Knight’s first show, Fulaiben field performance has been greatly improved, and help the Cavaliers scored a victory. More importantly, in the doldrums of the Loew state, the Cavaliers in the lineup finally had another high fort. (Rosen)

15+6+4三分!骑士防空火炮上膛 今最出彩的是他 弗莱用一场比赛证明自己   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月25日,克里夫兰骑士在主场以114-103战胜夏洛特黄蜂。骑士新援钱宁-弗莱替补出场17分钟,9投5中,三分球8投4中,得到15分,外加6个篮板。   今年的NBA交易截止日,东部第一的骑士队只完成了一笔交易,他们送走巴西内线瓦莱乔,并换来能投三分球的四号位钱宁-弗莱。对于骑士这样的争冠球队来说,赛季中期的补强应该是很有针对性的。也就是说,他们得到的球员应该被视为争冠过程里的重要拼图,就像上赛季的JR、香波特以及莫兹戈夫。   骑士在进攻端需要创造更大的空间,弗莱加盟之前,骑士阵容里只有凯文-勒夫[微博]一位具有外线能力的内线球员。而且由于弗莱的身高达到2米11,因此他完全可以成为小个阵容里的五号位。   上一场骑士对阵活塞,刚通过体检的弗莱就迅速完成骑士的首秀,但是他的表现非常有限,3投1中得到2分,而且弗莱在场上显然没有完全找到节奏,攻防两端都是如此。这场比赛结束之后,骑士主帅卢明确表示会在下一场比赛中给弗莱更多的机会。与此同时,弗莱并不担心他在骑士队的角色转换。   “这不会很困难,这里有一些天赋很棒的未来名人堂球员。”弗莱说道,“进攻端,我不会有太多担心。我会更加注意我的防守。我要确保我和他们在同一个水准上打球,并确保对于轮转换位和其他一些东西都很清楚。”   经过一场比赛的适应之后,弗莱的状态有了明显的回升。本场比赛,在骑士首发大前锋凯文-勒夫进攻手感低迷的情况下,作为替补内线的弗莱打开了进攻火力。他出场17分钟,9投5中,三分球8投4中,得到15分(骑士板凳席唯一一位得分上双的球员),外加6个篮板,1次助攻和1次抢断。要知道,直到本场比赛开始之前,弗莱依然还没有参加过骑士队的合练。   和代表骑士的首秀相比,弗莱本场的表现有了很大的改观,并且帮助骑士队取得了一场胜利。更重要的是,在勒夫状态低迷的时候,骑士队的阵容里终于有了另外一门高炮台。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: